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Committed: Fix PR target/52501

Committed as obvious.
2013-02-26  Joern Rennecke  <>

        PR target/52501
        * config/cr16/cr16-protos.h: Move end of RTX_CODE guard below end
        of prologue/epilogue functions.

Index: config/cr16/cr16-protos.h
--- config/cr16/cr16-protos.h	(revision 196254)
+++ config/cr16/cr16-protos.h	(working copy)
@@ -83,8 +83,6 @@ extern int cr16_const_double_ok (rtx op)
 extern int legitimate_pic_operand_p (rtx);
 extern rtx legitimize_pic_address (rtx, enum machine_mode, rtx);
-#endif /* RTX_CODE.  */
 /* Prologue/Epilogue functions.  */
 extern int cr16_initial_elimination_offset (int, int);
@@ -94,6 +92,8 @@ extern void cr16_expand_epilogue (void);
 extern const char *cr16_emit_add_sub_di (rtx *, enum rtx_code);
 extern const char *cr16_emit_logical_di (rtx *, enum rtx_code);
+#endif /* RTX_CODE.  */
 /* Handling the "interrupt" attribute.  */
 extern int cr16_interrupt_function_p (void);
 extern bool cr16_is_data_model (enum data_model_type);

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