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Re: r196201 - in /trunk: gcc/ChangeLog gcc/config/i...

On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 05:15:51PM +0400, Konstantin Serebryany wrote:
> This commit breaks the build if the BFD linker is used (I have gold on
> my box, so I missed it).
> Short repro:
> % cat
> void foo() {}
> __attribute__((section(".preinit_array")))  void (*xxx)(void) = foo;
> % g++ -shared # gold
> % sudo apt-get remove  binutils-gold
> ...
> % g++ -shared # bfd
> /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc4GVflE.o: .preinit_array section is not allowed in DSO
> /usr/bin/ld: failed to set dynamic section sizes: Nonrepresentable
> section on output
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> %
> Can we stop building the asan-rt as DSO and leave only the static
> variant (as in clang)?

No, IMNSHO it is desirable to support also that.

Here is a different fix, so will not have .preinit_array, but
libasan.a will have it.  Ideally, that hunk should go into a separate
source file ( ?), be just compiled into an object file,
rather than shared library and the compiler driver should include it
explicitly in the link.

The used attribute is there because, as it isn't (or shouldn't) be exported
out of the library, if libasan was built with LTO, it could very well be
optimized away.

2013-02-21  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* asan/ (__asan_preinit): Don't add if PIC macro is
	defined.  Add used attribute.

--- libsanitizer/asan/	2013-02-21 14:10:41.000000000 +0100
+++ libsanitizer/asan/	2013-02-21 14:16:28.985547506 +0100
@@ -520,11 +520,11 @@ void __asan_init() {
+#if ASAN_USE_PREINIT_ARRAY && !defined (PIC)
   // On Linux, we force __asan_init to be called before anyone else
   // by placing it into .preinit_array section.
   // FIXME: do we have anything like this on Mac?
-  __attribute__((section(".preinit_array")))
+  __attribute__((section(".preinit_array"), used))
   void (*__asan_preinit)(void) =__asan_init;
 #elif defined(_WIN32) && defined(_DLL)
   // On Windows, when using dynamic CRT (/MD), we can put a pointer


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