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Re: [PATCH, libstdc++] Fix 22_locale/time_get/get_weekday/char/38081-[12].cc tests for glibc 2.17


On 02/11/2013 04:33 PM, Julian Brown wrote:

It seems that glibc 2.17 changes the abbreviated names of weekdays for
"ru_RU" locales by removing an extraneous ".", as described in:

An earlier patch (circa glibc 2.14) changed (IIUC!) archaic/unusual
three-letter abbreviations to more-common two-letter abbreviations, but
included dots after each weekday name, which was apparently still wrong.
But, the two tests of this feature in the libstdc++ testsuite expect
those dots to be present, so they fail.

So, the attached patch simply removes the expectation that dots are
present in the abbreviated names from the libstdc++ tests in question,
if the glibc version in use is recent enough.

The tests pass (with a current gcc, trunk eglibc) with the attached
patch, and fail (for me) without it (cross-testing to ARM Linux, for
no particular reason). OK to apply?
I think it's Ok, yes. Thanks. However, I would appreciate if somebody with a glibc 2.17 system at hand could double check. Maybe HJ?


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