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[Ada] Implement pragma No_Inline (front-end part)

This implements the front-end part of pragma No_Inline, which makes it possible
for the programmer to suppress inlining on a finer-grained basis than
-fno-inline.  This pragma is strictly equivalent to the "noinline" attribute
supported by the C family of compilers.

The interaction with the other 2 pragmas controlling inlining is as follows:
  - No_Inline and Inline_Always are mutually exclusive, i.e. specifying both
    for a subprogram is an error
  - No_Inline overrides Inline and a warning is issued by the front-end.

The corresponding gigi part will be committed later.

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, committed on trunk

2013-02-06  Eric Botcazou  <>

	* (Has_Pragma_No_Inline): New flag using Flag201.
	(Has_Pragma_No_Inline): Declare and mark as inline.
	(Set_Has_Pragma_No_Inline): Likewise.
	* einfo.adb (Has_Pragma_No_Inline): New function.
	(Set_Has_Pragma_No_Inline): New procedure.
	(Write_Entity_Flags): Handle Has_Pragma_No_Inline.
	* (Name_No_Inline): New pragma-related name.
	(Pragma_Id): Add Pragma_No_Inline value.
	* par-prag.adb (Prag): Handle Pragma_Inline.
	* sem_prag.adb (Inline_Status): New enumeration type.
	(Process_Inline): Change Active parameter
	to Inline_Status and add support for suppressed inlining.
	(Analyze_Pragma) <Pragma_Inline>: Adjust to above change.
	<Pragma_Inline_Always>: Likewise.
	 <Pragma_No_Inline>: Implement new pragma No_Inline.
	(Sig_Flags): Add Pragma_No_Inline.
	* gnat_rm.texi (Implementation Defined Pragmas): Add No_Inline.
	* gnat_ugn.texi (Switches for gcc): Mention Pragma No_Inline.

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