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Re: [PATCH][ARM][1/3] Add vectorization support for rounding functions

On 12/18/12 13:33, Kyrylo Tkachov wrote:
Hi all,

This patch does some refactoring by moving the definitions of the NEON
builtins to a separate file (arm_neon_builtins.def) and includes that when
initialising the neon_builtin_data array and also during
the definition of enum arm_builtins (with appropriate redefinitions of the
VAR* macros). This allows us to have symbolic names for the neon builtins
that allows us to look up their declaration in
arm_builtin_decls. This is needed for vectorisation support in the next
patch. The ARM_BUILTIN_NEON_BASE constant which was defined as part of the
arm_builtins enum is now defined as a macro, since
various functions that deal with the initialisation and expansion of
builtins use it.

No regressions on arm-none-eabi with model.

Ok for trunk?



2012-12-18 Kyrylo Tkachov <kyrylo.tkachov at>

	* config/arm/arm_neon_builtins.def: New file.
	* config/arm/arm.c (neon_builtin_data): Move contents to
	  (enum arm_builtins): Include neon builtin definitions.
	  (ARM_BUILTIN_NEON_BASE): Move from enum to macro.

arm.o in t-arm needs to depend on this new file. Otherwise OK for stage1 .

regards, Ramana

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