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[ARM] Turning off 64bits ops in Neon and gfortran/modulo-scheduling problem


I have been working on a patch to avoid using Neon for 64 bits bitops
when it's too expensive to move data between core and Neon registers.

Benchmarking and validation look OK on the 4.7 branch (compiler
configured for thumb and hard FP)
- validation on cortex-a9 board OK
- bencharking shows 10.5% improvement on spec2k's crafty bench. On
other benches we are between -0.5% and +0.5%.

On trunk I have noticed a regression in gfortran when using modulo
scheduling: sms-1.f90 now fails, but I suspect it's not because of
this patch since forcing compilation for armv5t makes the same test
fail with and without my patch.

Specifically, I have observed that the loop:
    862e:    3b01          subs    r3, #1
    8630:    ef70 08a1     vadd.i64    d16, d16, d17
    8634:    ec51 0b30     vmov    r0, r1, d16
    8638:    e9e2 0102     strd    r0, r1, [r2, #8]!
    863c:    d1f7          bne.n    862e <main+0x3e>

in transformed into:
    862e:    3901          subs    r1, #1
    8630:    1912          adds    r2, r2, r4
    8632:    eb43 0305     adc.w    r3, r3, r5
    8636:    e9e0 2302     strd    r2, r3, [r0, #8]!
    863a:    d1f8          bne.n    862e <main+0x3e>
with my patch.

This is wrong because adds/adc clobber the flags used to control the loop.

The patch is:
2012-11-28  Christophe Lyon  <>

    * config/arm/arm-protos.h (tune_params): Add
    prefer_neon_for_64bits field.
    * config/arm/arm.c (prefer_neon_for_64bits): New variable.
    (arm_slowmul_tune): Default prefer_neon_for_64bits to false.
    (arm_fastmul_tune, arm_strongarm_tune, arm_xscale_tune): Ditto.
    (arm_9e_tune, arm_v6t2_tune, arm_cortex_tune): Ditto.
    (arm_cortex_a5_tune, arm_cortex_a15_tune): Ditto.
    (arm_cortex_a9_tune, arm_fa726te_tune): Ditto.
    (arm_option_override): Handle -mneon-for-64bits new option.
    * config/arm/arm.h (TARGET_PREFER_NEON_64BITS): New macro.
    (prefer_neon_for_64bits): Declare new variable.
    * config/arm/ (arch): Rename neon_onlya8 and neon_nota8 to
    avoid_neon_for_64bits and neon_for_64bits.
    (arch_enabled): Handle new arch types.
    (one_cmpldi2): Use new arch names.
    * config/arm/ (adddi3_neon, subdi3_neon, iordi3_neon)
    (anddi3_neon, xordi3_neon, ashldi3_neon, <shift>di3_neon): Use
    neon_for_64bits instead of nota8 and avoid_neon_for_64bits instead
    of onlya8.

Is it OK for trunk?

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