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Re: [PATCH] Section anchors and thread-local storage

David Edelsohn <> writes:
> I have been working to enable native thread-local storage on AIX. One
> problem I encountered is the AIX assembler has difficulty with the
> anchor symbol for TLS CSECTs.  While the section anchors machinery
> uses a separate pool for TLS entries, should section anchor blocks be
> used for TLS symbols at all?
> powerpc-linux uses GOT annotations directly and never places TLS
> symbols in the TOC at all. Section anchors seem to be avoided by TLS
> code already.  The appended patch rejects TLS symbols for object
> blocks in general. I could add a target hook, but I wanted to propose
> this policy in general before pursing a target-specific hook.

Yeah, TLS anchors "work" on mips64-linux-gnu, although admittedly
section anchors aren't yet enabled by default there, so perhaps not
many people have tried it.

A use_blocks_for_decl_p hook sounds good, and fits nicely with


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