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Re: [patch] [powerpc] add multiarch definitions for powerpc-linux-gnu

On Thu, 15 Nov 2012, Matthias Klose wrote:

> Am 14.11.2012 23:41, schrieb Joseph S. Myers:
> > Your t-linux setting fails to allow for the possibility of the compiler 
> > being configured to default to soft-float (whether --with-float=soft, or 
> > --with-cpu etc. for a CPU that implies soft-float).  soft-float (only 
> > supported for 32-bit) is ABI-incompatible with hard-float and needs its 
> > own multiarch name.
> checking for --with-float=soft is ok, but I'm a bit lost which cpu's imply
> soft-float. rs6000/t-fprules MULTILIB_MATCHES_FLOAT has a list of such cpu's.
> Are these all cpu's which imply soft-float?

The CPUs implying soft-float are the ones using MASK_SOFT_FLOAT in 
rs6000-cpus.def.  If you follow MULTILIB_MATCHES_FLOAT, at least you won't 
be making things wrong in any case that currently works properly (but 
confirming the correctness of MULTILIB_MATCHES_FLOAT would certainly be 

Joseph S. Myers

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