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Re: [PATCH][Revised] Enable libsanitizer on darwin

Jack Howarth <> writes:

>    I am confused on the strategy here. Will the FSF gcc developers be prohibiting
> the addition of darwin support for libsanitizer until all issues in its operation
> are resolved? It seems like a chicken and egg situation. I think this should be
> considered an experimental feature and exposed to as many developers as possible
> so we can get some help on resolving these issues in mach_override.c. Making it
> unnecessarily difficult to build this feature doesn't help with that project.

Where do you get this idea?  OTOH, I think it makes sense to only
install asan patches and enable it once a reasonable subset of its
testsuite (once that's in place) works on a target.  Until that point,
the necessary patches can be kept in mailing list postings for
developers working on that stuff (if more than one).

Who is served by installing patches for micro steps that maybe allow
libasan to compile, but not do anything useful?


Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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