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Re: Asan/Tsan Unit/Regression testing (was [asan] Emit GIMPLE direclty, small cleanups)

On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 09:32:04AM -0800, Wei Mi wrote:
> Using setjmp/longjmp to do multiple tests in a single testfile, the
> test statements in the front could affect the tests in the back. gtest
> will fork a new process for every test statement. The forked process
> will do only one test and skip all the other test statements. That is
> to say, multiple test statements in the same testfile are guaranteed
> to be independent from each other in gtest. If we use setjmp/longjmp
> pattern to do the test, existing testsuite may need to be rewritten if
> their test statements could affect each other.

So you can either run the program multiple times from within dejagnu, or
fork inside of the macros.  In any case, adding > 5MB of gtest just for that
single test or two is IMHO really too much, and similarly adding gtest
as another requirement to build gcc.  Does gtest support all the targets
that gcc does btw?


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