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Re: libstdc++ PATCH to add abi tag to complex::real/imag

On Sat, 10 Nov 2012, Jason Merrill wrote:

As mentioned in, C++11 changes the return type of complex::real and imag, leading to a binary incompatibility between C++98 and C++11 code if the functions are used without inlining. This patch adds an ABI tag to the C++11 variants so that they have different mangled names. This does not change the exports from libstdc++.

It looks like it won't prevent from using ref-qualifiers when they are implemented if we want to (PR 51013), which is good.

For the map void->iterator change, I think it would make sense to just unconditionally return an iterator;

It does break C++98 code that does "return f();" in a function returning void, but that's negligible.

there's no binary compatibility issue with older code that expects it to return void, the problem is only with C++11 code calling a C++98 instantiation that returns void.

That's going to happen in practice, isn't it? So do you mean to add the abi tag to this unified function, for safety?

Marc Glisse

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