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Re: [PATCH] Fix combined tree for LTO

On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 6:46 AM, Paolo Bonzini <> wrote:
> Il 10/11/2012 05:30, Andrew Pinski ha scritto:
>> Hi,
>>   The problem here is that set PLUGIN_LD_SUFFIX to ld-new which is not
>> the final installed binary name.  This patch fixes the problem by
>> changing if we got ld-new to just ld.
>> Note this issue has been around since 4.6 but not many people test
>> installed binary and it does not show up while doing testing from the
>> combined tree either.
>> OK?  Bootstrapped and tested with and without being in a combined tree
>> without any regressions.
> OK with one change: please make it test collect-ld as well.

Here is the patch which I applied.

Andrew Pinski

2012-11-10  Andrew Pinski  <>

        PR bootstrap/55202
        * Set PLUGIN_LD_SUFFIX to just "ld" if it was "ld-new"
        or "collect-ld".
        * configure: Regenerate.

> Paolo
>> Thanks,
>> Andrew Pinski
>> * Set PLUGIN_LD_SUFFIX to just "ld" if it was "ld-new".
>> * configure: Regenerate.

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