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Re: [PATCH 06/10] Implement protection of global variables

On 2012-11-02 16:01 , Dodji Seketeli wrote:

	* varasm.c: Include asan.h.
	(assemble_noswitch_variable): Grow size by asan_red_zone_size
	if decl is asan protected.
	(place_block_symbol): Likewise.
	(assemble_variable): If decl is asan protected, increase
	DECL_ALIGN if needed, and for decls emitted using
	assemble_variable_contents append padding zeros after it.
	* (varasm.o): Depend on asan.h.
	* asan.c: Include output.h.
	(asan_pp, asan_pp_initialized, asan_ctor_statements): New variables.
	(asan_pp_initialize, asan_pp_string): New functions.
	(asan_emit_stack_protection): Use asan_pp{,_initialized}
	instead of local pp{,_initialized} vars, use asan_pp_initialize
	and asan_pp_string helpers.
	(asan_needs_local_alias, asan_protect_global,
	asan_global_struct, asan_add_global): New functions.
	(asan_finish_file): Protect global vars that can be protected. Use
	asan_ctor_statements instead of ctor_statements
	* asan.h (asan_protect_global): New prototype.
	(asan_red_zone_size): New inline function.


Please, also put the high-level description in asan.c's documentation.


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