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Re: GCC 4.8.0 Status Report (2012-10-29), Stage 1 to end soon

Jakub and Richi,

At this point I have decided to that i am not going to get the rest of the wide-int patches into a stable enough form for this round. The combination of still living without power at my house and some issues that i hit with the front ends has made it impossible to get this finished by today's deadline.

I do want patches 1-7 to go in (after proper review) but i am going to withdraw patch 8 for this round.

patches 1-5 deal with the rtl level. These have been extensively tested and "examined" with the exception of patch 4, "examined" by Richard Sandiford. They clean up a lot of things at the rtl level that effect every port as well as fixing some outstanding regressions.

patches 6 and 7 are general cleanups at the tree level and can be justified as on their own without any regard to wide-int. They have also been extensively tested.

I am withdrawing patch 8 because it converted tree-vpn to use wide-ints but the benefit of this patch really cannot be seen without the rest of the tree level wide-int patches.

In the next couple of days i will resubmit patches 1-7 with the patch rot removed and the public comments folded into them.


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