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Tighten checking of vector comparisons


this patch makes gimple checking of vector comparisons more strict by ensuring that it doesn't return a boolean. It also fixes a bug that this check detected in fold-const.c: for (void)(x<0), the C front-end was calling fold_unary_loc on the conversion to void, which was then converted to if(x<0)(void)0.

2012-11-02 Marc Glisse <>

	* tree-cfg.c (verify_gimple_comparison): Verify that vector
	comparison returns a vector.
	* fold-const.c (fold_unary_loc): Disable conversion optimization
	for void type.

Marc Glisse
Index: gcc/fold-const.c
--- gcc/fold-const.c	(revision 193060)
+++ gcc/fold-const.c	(working copy)
@@ -7742,21 +7742,22 @@ fold_unary_loc (location_t loc, enum tre
 	  /* If we have (type) (a CMP b) and type is an integral type, return
 	     new expression involving the new type.  Canonicalize
 	     (type) (a CMP b) to (a CMP b) ? (type) true : (type) false for
 	     non-integral type.
 	     Do not fold the result as that would not simplify further, also
 	     folding again results in recursions.  */
 	  if (TREE_CODE (type) == BOOLEAN_TYPE)
 	    return build2_loc (loc, TREE_CODE (op0), type,
 			       TREE_OPERAND (op0, 0),
 			       TREE_OPERAND (op0, 1));
-	  else if (!INTEGRAL_TYPE_P (type) && TREE_CODE (type) != VECTOR_TYPE)
+	  else if (!INTEGRAL_TYPE_P (type) && !VOID_TYPE_P (type)
+		   && TREE_CODE (type) != VECTOR_TYPE)
 	    return build3_loc (loc, COND_EXPR, type, op0,
 			       constant_boolean_node (true, type),
 			       constant_boolean_node (false, type));
       /* Handle cases of two conversions in a row.  */
       if (CONVERT_EXPR_P (op0))
 	  tree inside_type = TREE_TYPE (TREE_OPERAND (op0, 0));
 	  tree inter_type = TREE_TYPE (op0);
Index: gcc/tree-cfg.c
--- gcc/tree-cfg.c	(revision 193060)
+++ gcc/tree-cfg.c	(working copy)
@@ -3263,21 +3263,30 @@ verify_gimple_comparison (tree type, tre
       error ("mismatching comparison operand types");
       debug_generic_expr (op0_type);
       debug_generic_expr (op1_type);
       return true;
   /* The resulting type of a comparison may be an effective boolean type.  */
   if (INTEGRAL_TYPE_P (type)
       && (TREE_CODE (type) == BOOLEAN_TYPE
 	  || TYPE_PRECISION (type) == 1))
-    ;
+    {
+      if (TREE_CODE (op0_type) == VECTOR_TYPE
+	  || TREE_CODE (op1_type) == VECTOR_TYPE)
+        {
+          error ("vector comparison returning a boolean");
+          debug_generic_expr (op0_type);
+          debug_generic_expr (op1_type);
+          return true;
+        }
+    }
   /* Or an integer vector type with the same size and element count
      as the comparison operand types.  */
   else if (TREE_CODE (type) == VECTOR_TYPE
       if (TREE_CODE (op0_type) != VECTOR_TYPE
 	  || TREE_CODE (op1_type) != VECTOR_TYPE)
           error ("non-vector operands in vector comparison");
           debug_generic_expr (op0_type);

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