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-fdump-ada-spec: misc small fixes

Re: [Jiří Paleček] [PATCH][C+ +] Fix constant reference in a lambda ( PR c++/53488)

[JiÅÃ PaleÄek] [PATCH][C++] Fix constant reference in a lambda (PR c++/53488)

[1/3] Build aggregate jump functions

[1/3] remove var_ann: tlc for out-of-ssa

[2/3] remove var_ann: Remove used flag

[3/3] remove var_ann: die

[4.6] Add /lib to Solaris default library search path

Re: [4.7 RFT PATCH, i386]: Backport recent LEA improvements to 4.7 branch

RE: [AARCH64] [PATCH 1/3] AArch64 Port

RE: [AARCH64] [PATCH 2/3] AArch64 Port

[AArch64] Add new testcases and improve diagnostics

[AArch64] Do not mix statements with declarations

[AArch64] implement FSQRT in RTL.

[AArch64] implement vmlsq_laneq_*

[AArch64] Merge from upstream trunk r189905

[AArch64] Merge from upstream trunk r190154

[AArch64] Merge from upstream trunk r190706

[AArch64] Merge from upstream trunk reverted

[AArch64] Use effective-target keyword to test for endianness

[Ada] Avoid unnecessarily overaligned access types

[Ada] Fix delayed analysis of aspect specification when scopes differ

[Ada] Fix temporary incorrectly-typed COMPONENT_REF

[Ada] Guard against cascaded error when processing deferred config pragmas

[Ada] Implement extended overflow checks, step 1

[Ada] In Alfa mode, issue an error instead of a warning on a missing component

[Ada] Incorrect parameter mechanism due to convention C_Pass_By_Copy

[Ada] Inheritance of representation aspects at freezing point

[Ada] Lock-free implementation of protected objects (PR ada/54125)

[Ada] Missing Constraint_Error in illegal conversion to C type

[Ada] Portability improvement for constants related to serial ports

[Ada] Protected objects with interrupt handlers are legal in nested scopes

[Ada] Redundant finalization of controlled function result

[Ada] Reject exponent of dimensioned operand that is unknown at compile-time

[Ada] Serial port flow control support

[Ada] Skip special expansion in Alfa mode

[Ada] Skip unneeded expansion for Alfa mode

Re: [ARM Patch 1/3]PR53189: optimizations of 64bit logic operation with constant

[ARM] Use UBFX for some and-immediate operations

[bootstrap] Tentative fix for PR 54281

[C PATCH] -Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess warning

[C PATCH] Avoid ICEs due to save_expr instead of c_save_expr (PR c/54428)

[C PATCH] Fix ICE on invalid (PR c/54355)

[C++ PATCH] -Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess warning

[C++ PATCH] Add overflow checking to __cxa_vec_new[23]

[C++ patch] Allow p->~T() when T is a vector

[C++ Patch] for c++/11750

Re: [C++ PATCH] Introduce context struct for cxx_eval_constant_expression

[C++ Patch] PR 10416

[C++ Patch] PR 18747

[C++ patch] PR 20420

[C++ Patch] PR 54161

[C++ Patch] PR 54165

[C++ Patch] PR 54191

Re: [C++ Pubnames Patch] Anonymous namespaces enclosed in named namespaces. (issue6343052)

Re: [C++ Pubnames Patch] Anonymous namespaces enclosed in named namespaces. (issue6343052)

[C++Patch] PR 51421

[commit 4.6] Re: [PATCH v2] Target-specific limits on vector alignment

[commit 4.7] Re: [PATCH v2] Target-specific limits on vector alignment

[committed] TILE-Gx/TILEPro: add stubs for feedback instrumentation

[committed] cp/Make-lang.in typo fix

[Committed] Fix libffi on mips64 with soft-float

[committed] Fix PR middle-end/53823

[committed] Fix rtx-sharing problem in split_insns

Re: [committed] PR 51931: force non-MIPS16ness for long-branch tests (NOW RFA: MIPS16 Long Branch Patch)

[committed] Remove old REG_BR_PRED code from dbr_schedule

[committed] TILE-Gx/TILEPro: add stub header file

[contrib] Add .xfail file for x86_64

[contrib] Add expiration support for validate_failures.py

[cxx-conversion] Avoid overloaded double_int 'constructor'. (issue6441127)

[cxx-conversion] Make double_int a class with methods and operators. (issue6443093)

[cxx-conversion] Support garbage-collected C++ templates

[DF] RFC: obstacks in DF

[doc] Add missing space in invoke.texi

[doc] Fix typo in gty.texi

[Dwarf Patch] Implement split debug info proposal--Updated (issue6305113)

Re: [EXTERNAL] [Fortran] PR37336 - FIINAL patch [1/n]: Implement the finalization wrapper subroutine

Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: [Fortran] PR37336 - FIINAL patch [1/n]: Implement the finalization wrapper subroutine

[Fortran, committed] Add the working testcase for PR fortran/29290

[Fortran] PR37336 - FIINAL patch [1/n]: Implement the finalization wrapper subroutine

Re: [gimplefe] Construction of individual gimple statements for gimple_cond and gimple_label

Re: [gimplefe] Patch for recognizing function declarations

[Google 4.7 Obvious] Fix trailing enumerator comma

[Google 4.7] Generate pubnames compatible with gdb-index version 7. (issue6459099)

[google/4_7] New fix to avoid LCP stalling andw with 0xff

[google/gcc-4_7, trunk] Fix problem with -fdebug-types-section and template instantiations

[google/gcc-4_7, trunk] Fix problem with -fdebug-types-section and template instantiations, take 2

[google/gcc-4_7-mobile] Backport patch from google/gcc-4_7

[google/gcc-4_7-mobile] Merge google/gcc-4_7 to google/gcc-4_7-mobile

[google/gcc-4_7] Backport arm hardfp patch from trunk

[google/gcc-4_7] Backport patch to add line info to non-virtual thunks

[google/gcc-4_7] Fix GDB test suite regression with -fdebug-types-section patch

[google/gcc-4_7] Fix ICE in output_pubnames where union contains a ctor

[google/gcc-4_7] Fix ICE in should_move_die_to_comdat

[google/gcc-4_7] Fix ICEs with -gfission.

[google/gcc-4_7] Fix problems with -fdebug-types-section and local types

[google/gcc-4_7] Fix regression - SUBTARGET_EXTRA_SPECS overridden by LINUX_GRTE_EXTRA_SPECS

[google/gcc-4_7] XFAIL libitm failures

[google/gcc-4_7] XFAIL map element_access test

[google/integration] Add a configure option to disable system header canonicalizations (issue6489063)

[google/main, google/gcc-4_7] Fix segfault in linemap lookup

[google/main] Add -fno-section-anchors for powerpc, workround for Google ref b/6663281 (issue6443071)

[google/main] Add powerpc-grtev3-linux-gnu.xfail to contrib/testsuite-management (issue6447087)

[google/main] Omit TARGET_LIB_PATH from RPATH_ENVVAR in HOST_EXPORTS on bootstrap builds (issue6441093)

Re: [google] Enable both ld and gold in gcc (issue4664051)

[google] Handle incompatible cg options more generally in LIPO (issue6476057)

Re: [google] Modification of gcov pmu format to reduce gcda size bloat (issue 6427063)

[google] Modification of gcov pmu format to reduce gcda size bloat (issue6427063)

[google] Omit another TARGET_LIB_PATH from RPATH_ENVVAR set on bootstrap builds (issue6446102)

[google] Remove deprecated pfmon-specific functions/structs from pmu-profile.c (issue6442086)

Re: [google] Remove deprecated pfmon-specific functions/structs from pmu-profile.c (was: Changed strucs to structs) (issue6442086)

[google] Update contrib/testsuite-management/powerpc-grtev3-linux-gnu.xfail (issue6454147)

[google][gcc-4.7]Revert Old CPU Runtime Detection Implementation (issue6458081)

[google][gcc-4_7]Backport CPU runtime detection from trunk to google/gcc-4_7

[graphds.h] Allocate graph from obstack

[libiberty] add obstack macros (was Re: PR #53525 - track-macro-expansion performance regression)

[lra] merged with trunk

[lra] patch fixing code formatting and adding comments

[lra] patch to fix a ppc64 gcc testsuite failure

[lra] patch to fix full bootstrap for LRA

[lra] patch to fix PARISC bootstrap

[lra] patch to fix ppc bootstrap after last merge

[lra] patch to remove -flra option

[lra] patch to remove lra-equivs.c

[middle-end] Add machine_mode to address_cost target hook

[MIPS, committed] Add missing COSTS_N_INSNS call.

[MIPS, committed] Add missing NOMIPS16s to gcc.target/mips

[MIPS, committed] Fix cost of CINS

[MIPS, committed] Fix handling of long branches with delay slots

[MIPS, committed] Fix segfault in vr4130_align_insns

[MIPS, committed] Handle SYMBOL_REF SET_SRCs for R_MIPS_JALR hints

[MIPS, committed] Tighten gcc.target/mips regexps

[MIPS, committed] Turn gcc.target/mips into a torture-style test

[MIPS, committed] Tweak r10k cache barrier code

[MIPS, committed] Use round-robin allocation of floating-point condition codes

[obvious] Make scan-assembler-times require code generation

[PATCH - C++] Avoid crashing on erroneous static_assert usage

Re: [PATCH 0/2] Convert s390 to atomic optabs, v2

[PATCH 0/7] rs6000: POWER removal, phase 2.

[PATCH 0/7] s390 improvements with r[ioxn]sbg

Re: [PATCH 1/2] gcc symbol database

[PATCH 1/2] m32c: Don't use set_optab_handler

Re: [PATCH 1/6] Thread pointer built-in functions, core parts

[PATCH 1/7] rs6000: Fix PR54142

[PATCH 1/7] s390: Constraints, predicates, and op letters for contiguous bitmasks

[PATCH 2/2] Allow MODE_PARTIAL_INT in expmed costs

Re: [PATCH 2/2] mips: Add R4700 scheduling support

Re: [PATCH 2/2] s390: Convert from sync to atomic optabs

Re: [PATCH 2/3] Incorporate aggregate jump functions into inlining analysis

[PATCH 2/3] Incorporate aggregate jump functions into inlining analysis

Re: [PATCH 2/6] Thread pointer built-in functions, alpha

[PATCH 2/7] rs6000: Fix typo mpower64 -> mpowerpc64 in various spec strings.

[PATCH 2/7] s390: Only use lhs zero_extract in word_mode

Re: [PATCH 3/3] Compute predicates for phi node results in ipa-inline-analysis.c

[PATCH 3/3] Compute predicates for phi node results in ipa-inline-analysis.c

Re: [PATCH 3/6] Thread pointer built-in functions, arm

[PATCH 3/7] rs6000: Add RS6000_BTM_ALWAYS

[PATCH 3/7] s390: Use risbgz for AND.

Re: [PATCH 4/4] Reduce the size of optabs representation

Re: [PATCH 4/6] Thread pointer built-in functions, s390

[PATCH 4/7] rs6000: Remove TARGET_POWERPC

[PATCH 4/7] s390: Add mode attribute for mode bitsize

Re: [PATCH 5/6] Thread pointer built-in functions, xtensa

[PATCH 5/7] rs6000: Get rid of old-mnemonics

[PATCH 5/7] s390: Implement extzv for z10

Re: [PATCH 6/6] Thread pointer built-in functions, mips

[PATCH 6/7] rs6000: Remove -mabi=ieeelongdouble.

[PATCH 6/7] s390: Generate rxsbg, and shifted forms of rosbg

[PATCH 7/7] rs6000: Old AIX specs: Use %(asm_default) instead of -mppc.

[PATCH 7/7] s390: Generate rnsbg

Re: [Patch ARM 1/6] Canonicalize neon_vaba and neon_vabal patterns.

[Patch ARM testsuite] fix 3 tests for big-endian

[Patch ARM] Fix PR54212 - Remove predicable attribute from Advanced SIMD patterns in the ARM backend.

[Patch ARM] Fix PR54252

[Patch ARM] Update the test case to differ movs and lsrs for ARM mode and non-ARM mode

[PATCH GCC/ARM] Fix problem that hardreg_cprop opportunities are missed on thumb1

[PATCH ping, middle-end]: Introduce TARGET_LEGITIMATE_COMBINED_INSN target hook

[PATCH v2, middle-end]: Introduce TARGET_REJECT_COMBINED_INSN target hook

[PATCH v2, rtl-optimization]: Fix PR46829, ICE in spill_failure with -fschedule-insns [was: Fixing instability of -fschedule-insns for x86]

[PATCH v3, i386]: Fix PR46829 and PR46843, ICE in spill_failure with -fschedule-insns on x86

[PATCH v3] s390: Convert from sync to atomic optabs

Re: [PATCH, 4.7] Enable the libstdc++ prettyprinters test suite

[PATCH, AArch64] Allow symbol+offset even if not being used for memory access

[PATCH, alpha]: Prevent another case of linker issues with exception handler

Re: [PATCH, alpha]: Prevent another case of wrong relaxation with exception handler

[PATCH, alpha]: Variable arguments handling broken by r190229

Re: [PATCH, Android] Runtime stack protector enabling for Android target

[PATCH, ARM] Constant vector permute for the Neon vext insn

Re: [PATCH, ARM] Don't pull in unwinder for 64-bit division routines

[PATCH, ARM] Don't unnecessarily clobber the flags for ADD Rd, Rd, Rm

Re: [PATCH, ARM] Tuning for Cortex-M processors

[PATCH, Committed] Fix ChangeLog (was: [PATCH] Fix AVR fallout)

[PATCH, committed] Fix PR53773

[PATCH, committed] Strength reduction clean-up (base name => base expr)

[PATCH, debug]: Fix PR 54177, Segfault in cselib_lookup due to NULL_RTX passed from vt_add_function_parameter

[PATCH, docs] invoke.texi: random copy-editing

[Patch, Fortran, commit] -Wtarget-lifetime: Fix omission

[Patch, Fortran, committed] free gfc_code of EXEC_END_PROCEDURE

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Free leaks in dependency.c and trans-intrinsics.c

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Free loop and gfc_ss data

[patch, Fortran, committed] Free temporary variables

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Plug another memory leak

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR 54243 & 54244

[Patch, Fortran, F03] PR 54147: Interface checks for PPCs & deferred TBPs

[Patch, fortran] [0/5] PR 45586: restrict vs. non-restrict type compatibility hell

[Patch, fortran] [1/5] PR 45586: VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR wrapping

[Patch, fortran] [2/5] PR 45586: Use distinct types to have per field qualified types.

[Patch, fortran] [3/5] PR 45586: Use the right type to build structure constructors.

[Patch, fortran] [4/5] PR 45586: Use the right type to build array constructors.

[Patch, fortran] [5/5] PR 45586: Use the right type in scalar to array assignments

[Patch, Fortran] ANother two memory leaks plugged

Re: [Patch, Fortran] assumed-rank some bound intrinsics support, fix failures and improve diagnostcs

Re: [patch, fortran] Fix PR 54033, problems with -I, with test cases

[Patch, fortran] LBOUND/UBOUND/SHAPE assumed rank support

[Patch, Fortran] Make -Wall no longer imply -Wcompare-reals

[Patch, Fortran] Plug memory leaks; fix tree-check ICE for PR

[Patch, Fortran] PR 35831: checking for dummy procedures

[Patch, fortran] PR 47586 Missing deep copy when assigning from a function returning a pointer.

[Patch, fortran] PR fortran/54166 ICE on array section (4.8 regression)

[Patch, Fortran] PR40881 - Add two F95 obsolescence warnings

[Patch, fortran] PR46897 - [OOP] type-bound defined ASSIGNMENT(=) not used for derived type component in intrinsic assign

[Patch, Fortran] PR50269 - C_LOC fixes

[Patch, Fortran] PR54199 improve warning "is also the name of an intrinsic" for internal procedures

[Patch, Fortran] PR54221 - mark private module vars/procs as TREE_PUBLIC()=0

[Patch, Fortran] PR54234 - Add -Wconversion warning for CMPLX(dp,dp)

[Patch, Fortran] PR54301 - add warning for pointer might outlive its target

Re: [Patch, Fortran] PR54350 - fix freeing of gfc_ss scalarizer variables

[Patch, Fortran] PR54350 - fix freeing of gfc_ss scalarizer variables (was: Request for help with the scalarizer)

[Patch, Fortran] PR54382 - fix invalid mem access in show_locus

[Patch, Fortran] PR54389 - DECL_PURE_P: set for implicit_pure but not for impure elemental

[patch, fortran] Reduce Explosion of noise from -Wall

[patch, fortran] Warning for feal / complex equality / inequality comparisons

Re: [PATCH, gcc/doc]: Document AMD btver2 enablement

[PATCH, i386]: Add zero-extended variants of PLUS and MULT simple LEA peephole2s.

[PATCH, i386]: Fix a couple of XOP issues

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 46254, reload failure with -fpic -mcmodel={medium|large} and __sync_val_compare_and_swap

[PATCH, i386]: Implement atomic_fetch_sub


[PATCH, i386]: Improve sync inc/dec selection, add %K RTM operand modifier

[PATCH, i386]: Introduce QI_REGNO_P macro

[PATCH, i386]: Prevent SImode subregs of stack pointer in addresses

[PATCH, i386]: Remove FP_REG_P and FP_REGNO_P

[PATCH, i386]: Rewrite ix86_conditional_register_usage

[PATCH, libjava] Use accessor functions to manipulate xmlOutputBuffer

[PATCH, libstdc++] Fix PR54172

[PATCH, libstdc++] Improve slightly __cxa_guard_acquire

[PATCH, libstdc++] Make empty std::string storage readonly

[PATCH, libstdc++] Use acquire semantics in case of CAS failure

[PATCH, middle-end]: Introduce TARGET_LEGITIMATE_COMBINED_INSN target hook

[PATCH, middle-end]: Introduce TARGET_REJECT_COMBINED_INSN target hook

[PATCH, MIPS] 74k madd scheduler tweaks

[PATCH, MIPS] Add 34Kn cpu

[PATCH, MIPS] add new peephole for 74k dspr2

[PATCH, MIPS] clean up 24k/74k store bypasses

[PATCH, MIPS] diagnose -fpic/-fpie incompatibility with -mno-abicalls

[PATCH, MIPS] DSP ALU scheduling

[PATCH, MIPS] fix clear cache test cases

[PATCH, MIPS] fix MIPS16 hard-float function stub bugs

[PATCH, MIPS] fix MIPS16 jump table overflow

[PATCH, MIPS] Netlogic XLR tuning tweaks

[Patch, PR 54128] ira.c change to fix mips bootstrap

[PATCH, PR 54394] Compute loops when generating inline summaries

[PATCH, PR 54409] Remapping inlining predicates fix

Re: [PATCH, RFC] Re-work find_reloads_subreg_address (Re: [PATCH][RFC, Reload]. Reload bug?)

[PATCH, rtl-optimization]: Fix PR46829, ICE in spill_failure with -fschedule-insns [was: Fixing instability of -fschedule-insns for x86]

[Patch, test] Enable to prune warnings for tests defined in one exp file

[PATCH, testsuite] New effective target long_neq_int

[PATCH, testsuite] No short enum in tree-ssa test

[patch, tree-ssa] PR54295 Incorrect value extension in widening multiply-accumulate

[PATCH, x86-Atom] Enabling look-ahead scheduling feature for Atom processors

[Patch,AVR] PR54222: Add fixed point support

[Patch,AVR]: Use CC to compile gen-avr-mmcu-texi.c

[PATCH,i386] cpuid function for prefetchw

[PATCH,i386] fma,fma4 and xop flags

[Patch,libgcc]: Apply filter-out to fixed-bit.c

[PATCH,mmix] convert to constraints.md

[PATCH,PING]] gcc/config/freebsd-spec.h: Fix building PIE

[Patch,testsuite] Break gcc.dg/fixed-point/convert.c into manageable parts

[PATCH/MIPS] Use ins/dins instruction when written manually

[PATCH] [mep] delete unused constraint-related macros and functions

[PATCH] Add counter histogram to fdo summary (issue6465057)

Re: [PATCH] Add option for dumping to stderr (issue6190057)

Re: [PATCH] Add sparc Niagara4 scheduling description and tweaks.

[PATCH] Add update-ssa verification code

[PATCH] Add valgrind support to alloc-pool.c

[PATCH] Add virual_operand_p predicate

Re: [PATCH] Add working-set size and hotness information to fdo summary (issue6465057)

[PATCH] Add working-set size and hotness information to fdo summary (issue6465057)

[PATCH] AIX libgcc.map missing symbols

[patch] alias.c: propagate information in RPO order on the CFG

[PATCH] Allow dg-skip-if to use compiler flags specified through set_board_info cflags

[PATCH] Annotate GC bitmaps

Re: [PATCH] arm.md: Use the revsh and rev16 instructions for BSWAP:HI RTL in armv6 and up

[PATCH] Avoid virtual operand SSA update when vectorizing

[patch] Backport fixes for PR54146 to GCC 4.7

[PATCH] C++'ization of cp/parser.c/h

[PATCH] Changes in mode switching

[PATCH] Combine location with block using block_locations

[PATCH] convert m32c to constraints.md

[PATCH] Create anonymous SSA names for force_gimple_operand

[PATCH] Decrease integer-share-limit

[PATCH] Document tree.h flags more, fixup valgrind alloc-pool.c


[PATCH] Enable bbro for -Os

[PATCH] Fix -fcompare-debug failure in fwprop (PR rtl-optimization/54294)

[patch] Fix a couple of VEC_reserve uses, speed up update_ssa a bit

[PATCH] Fix anonymous decl dumping

[PATCH] Fix another leak and one uninitialized var read

[PATCH] Fix ARM constant-pool layout calculations under -falign-labels

[PATCH] Fix AVR fallout

[PATCH] Fix bug in scheduler's handling of DEBUG_INSNs

[patch] Fix CFG dumping of blocks with no predecessors or successors

[PATCH] Fix emit_conditional_add and documentation for add@var{mode}cc

[PATCH] fix for PR53986 - missing vrp on bit-mask test, LSHIFT_EXPR not handled

[PATCH] Fix half of PR46590, limit alias queries in SCCVN

[PATCH] Fix libgcc version for Canadian cross compile

[PATCH] Fix loop dumping ICEs

[PATCH] Fix loop pattern distribution ICE (PR tree-optimization/54321)

[PATCH] Fix m68k __sync_lock_test_and_set_1 definition

[PATCH] Fix memleaks obvious from PR54146

[PATCH] Fix memory leak in Fortran FE with init_emit

[PATCH] Fix memory leak in Fortran FE with init_emit (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix more leaks

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR 52631 (VN does not use simplified expression for lookup)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR 53395: tree-if-conv.c not producing MAX_EXPR

[PATCH] Fix PR54027

[PATCH] Fix PR54109

[PATCH] Fix PR54200

[PATCH] Fix PR54211

[PATCH] Fix PR54219

[PATCH] Fix PR54240

[PATCH] Fix PR54245

[PATCH] Fix PR54326

[PATCH] Fix PR54327

[patch] Fix problems with -fdebug-types-section

[patch] Fix problems with -fdebug-types-section and local types

[PATCH] Fix some leaks and one uninitialized var read

[PATCH] Fix some undefined behavior spots in gcc sources (PR c/53968)

[PATCH] Fix up an IRA ICE (PR middle-end/53411, rtl-optimization/53495)

[PATCH] Fix valtrack ICE (PR debug/53923)

[PATCH] fix wrong-code bug for -fstrict-volatile-bitfields

Re: [PATCH] Follow-up to the last gengtype patch: handle DEF_VEC_A in gengtype

[PATCH] Free redirect_callers vector in tree-sra.c

Re: [PATCH] GCC Ada/GNAT configuration for GNU/Hurd

[PATCH] GTY chain_next annotate gimple_statement_base

[PATCH] Handle truncate of a memory location

Re: [PATCH] Improve debug info if tree DCE removes stores (PR debug/50317, fallout)

Re: [PATCH] Improve ifcombine (PR 52005)

Re: [PATCH] Intrinsics for ADCX

Re: [PATCH] Intrinsics for RDSEED

[PATCH] limited C++ parsing support for gengtype

[patch] Make every GIMPLE switch have a default case, always

[PATCH] Make gimple_phi_set_result adjust SSA_NAME_DEF_STMT

[PATCH] Make TREE_NOTHROW use the base.nothrow_flag again

Re: [PATCH] MIPS16 TLS support for GCC

[PATCH] Missing change from gcc/ada/system.ads

[patch] more bitmap obstacks

[PATCH] more efficient mersenne_twister_engine::discard

[PATCH] More leak plugs for PR54146

[PATCH] New command line switch -fada-spec-parent

[patch] obvious: don't dump out-of-ssa partitions for virtual operands

[patch] one more sched-vis fix

Re: [PATCH] OpenBSD/amd64 support and OpenBSD/i386 cleanup

[PATCH] Power: Reorder a sign-extend RTL pattern for readability

Re: [PATCH] PR 53528 c++/ C++11 Generalized Attribute support

[PATCH] PR c++/53540 - using fails to be equivalent to typedef

[patch] PR middle-end/54385

[PATCH] PR other/54411: libiberty: objalloc_alloc integer overflows (CVE-2012-3509)

Re: [PATCH] PR target/53633; disable return value warnings for naked functions

[PATCH] PR47440 - Use LCM for vzeroupper insertion

[PATCH] PR53992 - openmp lower transaction code

[patch] PR54146 - rewrite rewrite_into_loop_closed_ssa

[patch] PR54150

Re: [PATCH] propagate anti-range to switch in tree-vrp

[PATCH] put exception tables for comdat functions in comdat, too

[PATCH] RDSEED-builtin Description Fix

[patch] Reduce memory overhead for build_insn_chain

[patch] Reduce memory overhead for large functions

Re: [patch] Remove -fconserve-space

[PATCH] Remove basic_block->loop_depth

[PATCH] Remove clobbers as we go into SSA

[PATCH] Remove dependency of cp/cp-lang.c on cp/parser.h

[PATCH] Remove introduction of undefined overflow in emit_case_bit_test.

[PATCH] Remove make_rename_temp

[PATCH] Remove matrix-reorg

[PATCH] Remove register_new_name_mapping, do less timevar push/pop


[PATCH] Remove some mark_virtual_operands_for_renaming calls

[PATCH] rs6000: Add a builtin to read the time base register on PowerPC

[patch] rs6000: plug a leak

Re: [PATCH] Set correct source location for deallocator calls

[PATCH] Set current_function_decl in {push,pop}_cfun and push_struct_function

[PATCH] skip gcc.target/i386/asm-dialect-1.c on darwin

[PATCH] skip gcc.target/i386/pr53249.c on darwin

[PATCH] skipping tree.h in gdbinit.in

[PATCH] Small change for cloog.m4 configuration file

[PATCH] Some CH and into-SSA TLC

[patch] speed up ifcvt:cond_move_convert_if_block

[PATCH] Speed up PRE insertion

[PATCH] Speedup into-SSA a bit

[PATCH] SSA default-def TLC

[PATCH] Straight-line strength reduction, 4/4: Conditional candidates

[PATCH] Strength reduction part 3 of 4: candidates with unknown strides

[patch] timevar TLC

Re: [PATCH] Trivial typo: remove extra whitespace from doc

[patch] two more bitmap obstacks

[PATCH] Update tree-ssa docs

[patch] Use a smaller, dynamic worklist in compute_global_livein

[patch] Use gcc_checking_assert in dominance.c

[patch] Use SBITMAP_SIZE in a few places

[PATCH] Use virtual_operand_p where appropriate

[patch] Verify loop fathers

[PATCH][0/n] Allow anonymous SSA names

[PATCH][1/2] Remove referenced vars

[PATCH][1/n] Allow anonymous SSA names

[PATCH][2/2] Remove referenced vars

[PATCH][2/n] Allow anonymous SSA names, a bunch of new predicates for SSA names

[PATCH][2a/2] Remove referenced vars

[PATCH][2b/2] Remove referenced vars

[PATCH][3/n] Allow anonymous SSA names, add copy_ssa_name

Re: [PATCH][3/n] into-SSA TLC

[PATCH][4.7] Backport recent heap leak fixes

[PATCH][4/n] Allow anonymous SSA names

[PATCH][5/n] Allow anonymous SSA names

[PATCH][6/6] Allow anonymous SSA names

[PATCH][7/6] Allow anonymous SSA names

[PATCH][7/n] into-SSA TLC

[PATCH][build] Fix PR54138, make --without-cloog work

[PATCH][C++] Fix constant reference in a lambda (PR c++/53488)


[PATCH][C++] Save memory and reallocations in name-lookup

[PATCH][Cilkplus] Fixes builtin Array functions

[PATCH][Cilkplus] Patch to add implicit sync before try block

[PATCH][Cilkplus] Remove unwanted static chain.

Re: [patch][gcov] Clarify the internals a bit

[PATCH][LIBTOOL] AIX PIC compiler options

[PATCH][Revised2] skip gcc.target/i386/asm-dialect-1.c on darwin

[PATCH][Revised] skip gcc.target/i386/asm-dialect-1.c on darwin

[patch][RFC] 160-bits bitmap_element

[PATCH][RFC] Add -Og

Re: [PATCH][RFC] Extend memset recognition

[PATCH][RFC] Fix PR54201, share constant pool entries for CONST_VECTORs

[PATCH][RFC] Fixing instability of -fschedule-insns for x86

[PATCH][RFC] Move TREE_VEC length and SSA_NAME version into tree_base

[PATCH][RFC] Virtual operands in loop-closed SSA form

[ping] Re: [patch v2] support for multiarch systems

[PING][Patch, ARM] Cleanup in arm_expand_epilogue

[PING][Patch,ARM] unwind in epilogue ignore dwarf info

Re: [PING][PATCH,dejagnu] Allow dg-skip-if to use compiler flags specified through set_board_info cflags

Re: [PR52983] eliminate autoinc from debug_insn locs

[RFA 4.7/4.6] Re: [PATCH v2] Target-specific limits on vector alignment

[RFA wwwdocs] Re: [PATCH v2] Target-specific limits on vector alignment

[RFA, patch] Add missing source location info to thunks

[RFA:] fix configury version checks for in-tree binutils

[RFA:] fix PR54261, reverse operator emitted for compare_and_swap-libfunc targets

[RFC / RFH] Re-opened C++/51213 (access control under SFINAE)

Re: [RFC C++ / PR51033 ] Handle __builtin_shuffle in constexpr properly in the C++ frontend.

[RFC PATCH, i386]: Improve LIMIT_RELOAD_CLASSES [was: Reload/i386 patch for secondary memory vs subregs]

Re: [RFC PATCH] -Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess warning

[RFC] Fix pr34548 -- unnecessary alignment from alloca

[rfc] Fix SPU build (Re: [PATCH] Remove basic_block->loop_depth)

[RFC] Warning for potentially unbound writes to function parameters

[RFH / Patch] PR 54191

[rl78] add some checks

[rtl, i386] combine concat+permutation

[SH, committed]: Fix FPU related test cases

[SH] Minor prefetch insn corrections

[SH] mov[si,hi]_index_disp

Re: [SH] PR 39423

[SH] PR 39423 - Add support for SH2A movu.w insn

[SH] PR 39423 - Fix ICEs, add more tests

[SH] PR 50751

[SH] PR 50751 - Add support for SH2A movu.b and movu.w insns

[SH] PR 51244 - Add combiner patterns for branch inversion

[SH] PR 51244 - Improve store of floating-point comparison

[SH] PR 51244 - Use more zero displacement branches

[SH] PR 52933 - Use div0s insn for integer sign comparisons

[SH] PR 54089

[SH] PR 54089 - Add support for rotcr insn

[SH] PR 54089 - Logical right shifts

[SH] PR 54089 - Reinstate T_REG clobber for left shifts

[SH] PR 54236 - Improve addc/subc utilization

[SH] rename option -menable-tas to -mtas

[SH] Use iterators

[SH] Use more multi-line asm outputs


[Test] contrib/test_installed modified to set specific gcov

Re: [Test] Fix for PRPR53981

[TILE-Gx, committed] bfins instruction fix

[TILE-Gx, committed] coding style fixes

[TILE-Gx, committed] fix atomic op latency

[TILE-Gx, committed] support -mcmodel=MODEL

[TILE-Gx/TILEPro, committed] mcount typo

[v3] correction to C++11 status table

Re: [v3] Fix libstdc++/40518

[v3] fix libstdc++/54185

[v3] fix PR 54248

[v3] fix PR 54297 - segfaults with std::async

[v3] fix PR 54351

[v3] fix references to C++11 standard

[v3] improve exception text when threads not enabled

[v3] libstdc++/54005

[v3] libstdc++/54102

[v3] libstdc++/54296

[v3] reorder headers in <memory>

[wwwdocs] Announce switch to C++

[wwwdocs] Document Runtime CPU detection builtins

[wwwdocs] IA-32/x86-64 Changes for upcoming 4.8.0 series (Broadwell)

[wwwdocs] projects/cxx0x.html Bugzilla reference

[wwwdocs] SH 4.8 changes update

[wwwdocs] Update Fortran secrion in 4.8/changes.html

Re: [wwwdocs] Update links to C++ ABI

[wwwdocs] Update links to C++ ABI (was: at exit alternative for AIX)

[wwwdocs] User generic bug references in GCC 4.5 release notes

Add --no-sysroot-suffix driver option

add strnlen to libiberty (was Re: Assembly output optimisations)

alloc_pool for tree-ssa-pre.c:phi_translate_table

Always define USE_PT_GNU_EH_FRAME in crtstuff.c for glibc

Another merge from gcc 4.7 branch to gccgo branch

Another ping: Reorganized documentation for warnings -- attempt 2

another wrong-code problem with -fstrict-volatile-bitfields

Assembly output optimisations (was: PR 51094 - fprint_w() in output_addr_const() reinstated)

Backported patch to 4.7 branch

Beyond Complex Register Management

Re: bug wrt gcc 4.7 and the C++11 memory model

Build static libgcc with hidden visibility even with --disable-shared

C++ conversion - pull in cstdlib

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/48370 (extending lifetime of temps in aggregate initialization)

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/48707 (c++0x ice on initialization in template)

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/51675 (more constexpr unions)

C++ PATCH for default template argument access control SFINAE

C++ PATCH to improve template diagnostic locations

C++ PATCH to remove get_bindings special case

C++ PATCHes for c++/50545, 51222

C++ PR 54197: lifetime of reference not properly extended

Changed strucs to structs. (issue6442086)

Check for ffs declaration in gcc/configure.ac

Re: cleanup of CONST_DOUBLE.

combine permutations in gimple

combine vec_perm_expr with constructor

Commit: BFIN: Fix use of VEC_last macro in bfin.c

Commit: Fix i386 ASM_OUTPUT_ASCII macro for C++ compilation.

Commit: Fixes for building avr-elf with g++.

Commit: FR30: Fix building libgcc

Re: Commit: FRV: Add support for -fstack-usage

Commit: IQ2000: Remove modes from

Commit: MCore: Fix building libgcc

Commit: MEP: Use C++ to compile mep-pragma.

Commit: RL78: Include tree-pass.h

Re: Commit: XStormy16: Add __clrsbhi2() to libgcc

Committed, btest-gcc.sh: make fortran tests optional

Committed: add cris-* and crisv32-* to lists in sync_int_long and sync_char_short

Committed: old patch to btest-gcc.sh: Add libmudflap.sum, if it exists.

Re: complex.h

Re: cosmetic change - simplify cse.c:preferable()

CXX conversion: min g++ version pre-requisite?

Re: dwarf2out.c: For DWARF 4+, output DW_AT_high_pc as constant offset.

enlarge hot allocation pools

failed attempt: retain identifier length from frontend to backend

faster random number engine

Fix -ftime-report for C++ lookup

Fix double_int overflow in VRP PLUS_EXPR

Fix PR 53701

Re: Fix PR c++/19351 (operator new[] overflow)

Fix PR rtl-optimization/54088

Fix simplify-rtx losing side effects in operand of IOR

Fix Solaris 9/x86 bootstrap

Re: fix thinko in tree-emutls, breaking tls support on vxworks

Go patch committed: comparisons are untyped boolean

Go patch committed: Reject type switch on non-interface type

Go patch committed: Remove unsafe.Pointer handling from type assertions

Go patch committed: Update for C++

Huge change on 4.7 branch

Re-implement VEC_* to be member functions of vec_t<T>

Re: Inheritance of gfc_symbol / gfc_component

Inline hints

Interaction between first stage build with g++ and $PATH

Is libstdcxx-time still experimental?

LEA-splitting improvement patch.

Re: Let INSTALL/README mention the instructions on line

libgcc patch committed: Increase non-split stack space

libgo patch committed: Define F_GETLK and friends on i386 GNU/Linux

libgo patch committed: Support NumCPU on more platforms

Loop iterations inline hint

Re: Memset/memcpy patch

Re: Merge C++ conversion into trunk

Merge C++ conversion into trunk (0/6 - Overview)

Merge C++ conversion into trunk (1/6 - Configury)

Merge C++ conversion into trunk (2/6 - VEC rewrite)

Merge C++ conversion into trunk (3/6 - gengtype C++ support)

Merge C++ conversion into trunk (4/6 - hash table rewrite)

Merge C++ conversion into trunk (5/6 - double_int rewrite)

Merge C++ conversion into trunk (6/6 - gdb tree macro support)

Merge from gcc 4.7 branch to gccgo branch

Merge varpool and cgraph encoders into symtab encoders

Minor C++ PATCH to compute_array_index_type

Minor C++ PATCH to specialization matching

Re: MIPS Android patch

more malloc mitigation

Re: new sign/zero extension elimination pass

obstack for equiv_class_label, more vectors on stack

Re: ORDERED_EXPR in invert_tree_comparison

Our Biggest Blockbuster Announcement of the Year is Coming Soon!

out-of-line and arch-specific random_device

PATCH [x86_64] PR20020 - 128 bit structs not targeted to TImode

patch for machine dependent rtl section to hide case statements for different types of constants.

Re: patch for machine independent rtl section to hide case statements for different types of constants.

Patch ping

PATCH to print_node to avoid ICE on TREE_VEC

PATCH: Add x32 support to config.guess

PATCH: Default to 64-bit long double for Bionic/x86

PATCH: Don't set HOST_LIB_PATH_bfd/HOST_LIB_PATH_opcodes

PATCH: PR binutils/14526: c++filt is crashed on large files

PATCH: PR bootstrap/54209: [4.8 Regression] Failed to build gcc for Android/x86

PATCH: PR driver/54335: -dm doesn't work

PATCH: PR middle-end/54332: [4.8 Regression] 481.wrf in SPEC CPU 2006 takes > 10GB memory to compile

PATCH: PR rtl-optimization/54157: [x32] -maddress-mode=long failures

PATCH: PR target/20020: 128 bit structs not targeted to TImode

PATCH: PR target/54347: REAL_VALUE_TO_TARGET_LONG_DOUBLE shouldn't be used in i386

Re: PATCH: Properly handle arg_pointer and frame_pointer in DWARF output

PATCH: Remove redundant instructions after regcprop

PATCH: Replace target MEMBER_TYPE_FORCES_BLK macro with a target hook

Re: Patches to enable -ftrack-macro-expansion by default

Re: PING [PATCH] Fix PR libstdc++/54036, problem negating DFP NaNs

Re: ping again - Show hash table stats when -fmem-report

Ping Re: Add --no-sysroot-suffix driver option

Ping: [PATCH] Enable bbro for -Os

Re: Ping: [PATCH] Fix PR46556 (straight-line strength reduction, part 2)

Ping: [PATCH]Remove duplicate check on BRANCH_COST in fold-const.c

PING: PATCH: Properly handle arg_pointer and frame_pointer in DWARF output

Ping^2 Re: Add --no-sysroot-suffix driver option

PING^2: [PATCH] PR preprocessor/53469 - argument tokens of _Pragma miss virtual location

Ping^3 Re: Add --no-sysroot-suffix driver option

Ping^4 Re: Add --no-sysroot-suffix driver option

Ping^4: Properly handle arg_pointer and frame_pointer in DWARF output

PR 43852: new configure option --disable-libstdcxx-verbose

PR 54193: raw gimple dump of vec_perm_expr

Re: PR middle-end/53321: [4.8 Regression] LTO bootstrap failed with bootstrap-profiled

Re: PR middle-end/53321: [4.8 Regression] LTO bootstrap failed with bootstrap-profiled

Re: PR53914, rs6000 constraints and reload queries

Rally Rolls On

random numbers in bulk

Reload/i386 patch for secondary memory vs subregs

remove dependency on cp/parser.h from cp/lang.c

Remove redundant comparison in debug mode

Re: Reproducible gcc builds, gfortran, and -grecord-gcc-switches

Request for help with the scalarizer

Re: RFA: Add Epiphany port

RFA: libiberty: cope with integer overflow in _objalloc_alloc

RFA: LM32: Fix building libgcc

rfa: merge handling of locals and globals in remove_unused_locals

RFA: MN10300: Add support for -fstack-usage

Re: RFA: Support infinity, NaN, and denormalized numbers in floatformat.c

RFC patch for http://gcc.gnu.org/install/download.html / gcc/doc/install.texi

RFC: fix std::unique_ptr pretty-printer

RFC: Merge the GUPC branch into the GCC 4.8 trunk

Re: RFC: Putting target-dependent global state into switchable structures

s390: Avoid CAS boolean output inefficiency

s390: rearrange temp moves in s390_expand_cs_hqi

s390: Use VOIDmode with gen_rtx_SET

Scheduler: Allow breaking dependencies by modifying patterns

Scheduler: Save state at the end of a block

Speedup flatteing of very large inline trees

speedup stack var conflicts (PR54146)

Speedups/Cleanups: End of GSOC patch collection

Surprise! A new friend is looking for you.)

Sync include/plugin-api.h with src/


To-be-committed: correct out-of-tree .hidden support for mmix-knuth-mmixware

To-be-committed: fix configure case when assembler COMDAT group support is lacking

Unbreak lto plugin

Re: User directed Function Multiversioning via Function Overloading (issue5752064)

Value type of map need not be default copyable

vector comparisons in C++

VRP wrapping MULT_EXPR

VxWorks Patches Back from the Dead!

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