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Re: [AARCH64] [PATCH 3/3] AArch64 Port

Tejas Belagod <> writes:
> In the currect scheme, when multiple code/mode iterators are in an rtx pattern, 
> they are expanded for each combination of iterator values in 
> apply_iterator_traverse () and a repeated traversal of the expanded rtx's for 
> each iterator achieves the 'cross-product' of rtx's for iterator value 
> combinations. This allows for having the place-holder codes/modes in new rtx's 
> that are shallow-copied and a subsequent traversal will eventually replace them 
> with actual code/mode iterator values. Doing away with the placeholders means 
> that we have to build a 'cross-product' of iterator values from a database of 
> iterator values as used in a pattern and make an rtx copy(deep) corresponding to 
> each element of the cross-product with the iterator value combinations 
> substituted in. This is my understanding of the new implementation - am I on the 
> right track?

That makes it sound a lot more complicated than it was supposed to be. :-)

I'm testing a patch to convert the modes and codes now.  Hopefully it'll
be easy to add your stuff on top of that.


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