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Reorganized documentation for warnings

This is my first patch submission, so please let me know if I did anything

This patch reorganizes the list of warnings available in GCC. I changed the top
of the page to be an overview of -Wall, then -Wextra, then -Wpedantic. After
that, individual warnings are listed with all of the options turned on by -Wall
first, then -Wextra, then -Wpedantic, then warnings not turned on by any of
those, and finally negative warning options to turn off the defaults. The one
intentional exception is -Wformat=2, which I put right after -Wformat, even
though it is not turned on by -Wall. I made a note that -Wformat=2 is not turned
on by any other option.

I also specified a few warnings in their negative form where they were
previously positive, but only for options that are on by default to be
consistent with their category.

My only other change (other than adding 'no-' and various cut-and-paste) is to
specify for a few warnings that they are turned on by -Wall or -Wextra.

Within categories, all options are alphabetized, with just a couple of
exceptions where I felt it read better.

The patch clocks in at just under 100 KiB, so I decided to compress it
to be on the
safe side.

I'm not sure how important it is for documentation, but I have already sent in
my copyright assignment forms.

ChangeLog text:

Documentation: Reorganized warning options for invoking GCC. Warning options
turned on by -Wall, -Wextra, and -Wpedantic are now grouped together.

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