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Re: fix install-no-fixedincludes mishaps

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 7:46 AM, Olivier Hainque <> wrote:

> ?2012-05-16 ?Olivier Hainque ?<>
> ? ? ? ?libgcc/
> ? ? ? ?* (install-unwind_h): Rename into ...
> ? ? ? ?(install-unwind_h-forbuild): New target.
> ? ? ? ?(all): Use it instead of the former install-unwind_h.
> ? ? ? ?(install-unwind_h): Reinstate, copy to user install destination
> ? ? ? ?for include files, not to the internal gcc object directory one.
> ? ? ? ?(install-leaf): Depend on it.

This has a fairly annoying side effect.  The all rule in libgcc runs a
make install installing everything back in the gcc directory.  This now
installs unwind.h.  The effect is that every time libgcc is built, unwind.h
changes.  And the effect of that is that every library file that depends on
unwind.h gets rebuilt every time.  This affects libgo and libitm.

Please fix this one way or another so that the copy of unwind.h installed
in the gcc object directory does not have its timestamp change if the
file contents are unchanged, as it used to be.



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