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fix cross build

In building a ppc cross compiler using a freshly built native compiler, I encountered an ICE in iterative_hash_expr compiling c-lex.c. I extracted the attached testcase, showing the problem is with statement expressions. Investigation showed I_H_E seeing BLOCK and BIND_EXPR nodes, which is was unprepared for. These two nodes are never considered equal by operand_equal_p, so we don't need to look into them further to refine the hash.

I'm not sure why a native i686-pc-linux-gnu bootstrap doesn't encounter this problem.

The attached patch resolves the ICE. built and tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu, ok?

2012-05-20  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* tree.c (iterative_hash_expr): Add BLOCK and BIND_EXPR cases.

	* gcc.dg/stmt-expr-4.c: New.

Index: tree.c
--- tree.c	(revision 187628)
+++ tree.c	(working copy)
@@ -6998,6 +6998,11 @@ iterative_hash_expr (const_tree t, hashv
 	return val;
+    case BLOCK:
+    case BIND_EXPR:
+      /* These are never equal operands. The contain nodes we're not
+	 prepared for, so stop now.  */
+      return val;
     case MEM_REF:
 	/* The type of the second operand is relevant, except for
Index: testsuite/gcc.dg/stmt-expr-4.c
--- testsuite/gcc.dg/stmt-expr-4.c	(revision 0)
+++ testsuite/gcc.dg/stmt-expr-4.c	(revision 0)
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
+/* { dg-options "-O2 -std=gnu99" } */
+/* Internal compiler error in iterative_hash_expr */
+struct tree_string
+  char str[1];
+union tree_node
+  struct tree_string string;
+char *Foo (union tree_node * num_string)
+  char *str = ((union {const char * _q; char * _nq;})
+	       ((const char *)(({ __typeof (num_string) const __t
+				     = num_string;  __t; })
+			       ->string.str)))._nq;
+  return str;

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