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Re: [PATCH] ARM/NEON: vld1q_dup_s64 builtin

On 10.05.2012 13:41, Ramana Radhakrishnan wrote:
On 9 May 2012 11:18, Christophe Lyon<> wrote:

On ARM+Neon, the expansion of vld1q_dup_s64() and vld1q_dup_u64() builtins
currently fails to load the second vector element.
Thanks for the patch but this is not acceptable as it stands today.
You need to set the length attributes in this case to 8 for the
appropriate alternative at the very least.
OK I'll look at this.

You also don't mention how this patch was tested.
I used the testsuite I developed some time ago to test all the Neon builtins, which I posted last year on the qemu mailing-list. With the current GCCs, this bug is the only remaining one I could detect.

  Alternatively it might be worth splitting the
vld1q_*64 case into a 64 bit load into a (subreg:DI (V2DI reg)  0 )
followed by a subreg to subreg move which should end up having the
same effect . That splitting would allow for better instruction
Are you aware of examples of similar cases I could use as a model?

  In addition it would be nice to have a testcase in .
Well. Prior to sending my patch I did look at that directory, but I supposed that such a test ought to belong to the neon/ subdir where the tests are described as autogenerated. Any doc on how to do that?



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