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[doc] Fix xref in extend.texi

It is strange that a paragraph talking about GCC pragmas refers to the
section in CPP talking about #indent and other such directives (no
#pragma there). Wouldn't it better if it pointed to the section about


2012-05-09  Manuel López-Ibáñez  <>

        * doc/extend.texi (Function Attributes): Point xref to section
about Pragmas.

Index: doc/extend.texi
--- doc/extend.texi     (revision 187299)
+++ doc/extend.texi     (working copy)
@@ -4102,8 +4102,7 @@
 found convenient to use @code{__attribute__} to achieve a natural
 attachment of attributes to their corresponding declarations, whereas
 @code{#pragma GCC} is of use for constructs that do not naturally form
-part of the grammar.  @xref{Other Directives,,Miscellaneous
-Preprocessing Directives, cpp, The GNU C Preprocessor}.
+part of the grammar.  @xref{Pragmas,,Pragmas Accepted by GCC}.

 @node Attribute Syntax
 @section Attribute Syntax

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