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Re: [PATCH] MIPS16: Fix truncated DWARF-2 line information

"Maciej W. Rozycki" <> writes:
>> > and the mips-linux-gnu configuration is not ready yet for MIPS16 testing.
>> Out of interest, what goes wrong?  I've been testing -mabi=32/-mips16 on
>> mips64-linux-gnu for some time without difficulty.
>  I've thought some pieces are missing upstream, but perhaps I've been 
> confused.  I reckon there was a nasty issue with GCC confusing the symbols 
> used (using the wrong symbol alias or failing to use one) in the context 
> of using MIPS16 thunks and PLT (that we discovered as soon as or shortly 
> after we started using such a setup, so that wasn't anything particularly 
> obscure), but perhaps the fix for that issue has been actually submitted 
> and included upstream already.
>  Are you using a hard-float multilib for your -mabi=32/-mips16 Linux 
> testing?

Yeah.  As an example:

which doesn't look to bad.  Clean fortran results, which I expect
would test the FP interworking fairly heavily.  (It's certainly
been a source of bug fixes in the past, although I don't remember
the results ever being terrible.)

FAOD, this is with normal MIPS libraries and mips16 executables.
There's still no way of building mips16 multilibs out of the box.


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