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Re: [patch] support for multiarch systems

On Tue, 8 May 2012, Matthias Klose wrote:

> On 20.08.2011 21:51, Matthias Klose wrote:
> > Multiarch [1] is the term being used to refer to the capability of a system to
> > install and run applications of multiple different binary targets on the same
> > system.
> please find attached an updated for the trunk (2012-05-08). The multiarch
> triplets are now defined in the Debian Wiki [1], and progress is made to get the
> triplet definitions into Debian Policy [2].

This still seems to suffer in some cases the problem of previous versions 
that it does not ensure triplets are never used for non-matching ABIs.  
For example, a compiler for powerpc-linux-gnu can be configured 
--with-float=soft but this patch will still use powerpc-linux-gnu as the 
multiarch triplet.

For MIPS, I see you allowed for soft-float in setting the triplets - but 
the specification you point to doesn't mention the soft-float triplets.  
Likewise you allowed for powerpc-linux-gnuspe being e500v1 or e500v2 but 
haven't documented the e500v1 triplet.  Likewise for big-endian ARM.

I again suggest starting with a patch that does just one architecture - 
but makes sure to cover all the ABIs applicable to that architecture.  
For example, you could start with a patch for x86 (indeed, just x86 
GNU/Linux) - and assign a multiarch triplet for x32 even if you're not 
building an x32 distribution with multiarch.  Then, once the generic 
support has been reviewed by build system maintainers, and the x86 support 
by x86 maintainers and people familiar with all the applicable x86 ABIs, 
send patches for each other architecture (or architecture/OS combination), 
and the relevant architecture experts can review them to make sure the 
relevant ABIs are properly distinguished.

Joseph S. Myers

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