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[RFC] PR 53063 encode group options in .opt files


This patch is a first step towards encoding the fact that some flags
enable other flags in the .opt files. As a proof-of-concept, I have
only implemented the check for a group option not overriding the value
of the suboption if the suboption was set. In the future, we should
handle more stuff automatically. However, I think this patch already
leads to the removal of a big chunk of code.

Bootstrapped and tested. I don't provide changelog and the code has
some stylistic issues that  I will fix if the strategy is acceptable.

About the implementation, in PR53063 I proposed

C ObjC C++ ObjC++ Warning
Enable most warning messages
Enables(Wwhatever, Wfoo=2)

However this would make difficult to implement options that are
enabled by the combination of two options, like -Wunused -Wextra
enables -Wunused-parameter. So I decided for,

-Common Var(warn_unused_value) Init(-1) Warning
+Common Var(warn_unused_value) Init(-1) Warning EnabledBy(Wunused)

This can be easily extended to EnabledBy(Wunused & Wextra) or an
arbitrary combination of options and logical operators.

Comments?  My knowledge of awk is basically zero, so suggestions on
how to improve the code are very welcome.

Should I cleanup the patch and submit it with a Changelog?



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