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Re: [ping 6] [patch] attribute to reverse bitfield allocations (is anyone even reading these?)

> Set up a cron job to ping once a day.  :-) Did you ever dig up the
> Apple test cases from the APPLE LOCAL work I pointed you at earlier?
> They will be more comprehensive that any testing you've done, and,
> if you get them to all pass, the work should be closer to being
> complete.  The feature needed a ton of testcases, a few didn't cut
> it.

In going through the Apple test cases, I discovered one HUGE
disadvantage to using __attribute__ to tag structures for bit reversal
- it doesn't propogate.  I.e.:

	typedef __attribute__((reverse)) struct {
	  struct {
	    int x:4;
	    int y:4;
	  } a;
	} b;

The attribute seems to apply only to struct b, not to struct a.  For
PACKED, we handle the flag specially, propogating it at every step in
the layout.  The original Apple patch used a #pragma.

Suggestions on how to make a structure attribute apply to the whole

Or should I *also* add a #pragma to specify the default bit ordering?
This is what the Renesas ABIs want anyway, and what Apple did, but I
was told to use an attribute and have a target pragma set the
attribute, but I don't see how...

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