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[google-4_6] fix broken -S in streaming LIPO (issue6115052)


This patch is for google-4_6 branch only.
It fixes the broken -S in streaming LIPO mode.

Tested with bootstrap.


2012-04-25   Rong Xu  <>

	* gcc/gcc.c (ripa_lto_spec): Support -S.
        (cc1_options): Ditto.

Index: gcc/gcc.c
--- gcc/gcc.c	(revision 186783)
+++ gcc/gcc.c	(working copy)
@@ -746,7 +746,8 @@
 /* specs to call lto1 for streaming lipo.  */
 static const char *ripa_lto_spec =
-"lto1 -flto -flto-partition=none %(cc1_options)";
+"lto1 -flto -flto-partition=none %(cc1_options) "
+"%{S:%W{o*}%{!o*:-o %b.s}}";
 /* options to call asm in streaming lipo.  */
 static const char *ripa_asm_options =
@@ -820,7 +821,7 @@
- %{!fsyntax-only:%{S:%W{o*}%{!o*:-o %b.s}}}\
+ %{!fsyntax-only:%{S:%{!fripa=streaming|!fprofile-use*:%W{o*}%{!o*:-o %b.s}}}}\
  %{fsyntax-only:-o %j} %{-param*}\
  %{fmudflap|fmudflapth:-fno-builtin -fno-merge-constants}\
  %{coverage:-fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage -fno-early-inlining}";

This patch is available for review at

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