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Re: default to strict dwarf-2 on powerpc-vxworks

On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 09:57:24AM +0200, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> Looks good to me, but IMHO we should go further at this point, and
> default to dwarf_version 4 unless overridden (and override
> also on Darwin to too due to its tools not capable of handling it),
> probably together with making -fno-debug-types-section the default
> (since while DWARF 4 DW_FORM_* etc. support is in gdb/libdw/valgrind/etc.
> for quite some time, e.g. .debug_types support is very recent, and
> furthermore on lots of programs/DSOs .debug_types actually increases
> size instead of decreases.  If a post-linking utility is used
> undoing the extra duplication caused by .debug_types (yeah, I know
> Cary said he'll work on it) is going to be very hard.  I've noticed
> also lots of intra-CU redundancies with current state of .debug_types,
> e.g. lots of DW_TAG_{const,pointer,reference}_type DIEs with the same
> DW_FORM_ref_sig8 hash).
> Jason, are you ok with Olivier's patch?

Talked to Jason about this on IRC last night, he is ok with that, so your
patch is ok for trunk.


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