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Re: [fortran, patch] Allow displaying backtraces from user code

Hi guys,

(coming back to an old patch proposed by FX some time ago ...)

2012/3/3 FX <>:
>> I think that this approach is a mistake. ?The patch
>> starts us down a slippery slope. ?Why not export all
>> the nonstandard intrinsics? ?In additions, the
>> _gfortran_ prefix was used to separate the libgfortran
>> namespace from userspace. ?Providing a means to
>> circumvent this separation seems to asking for more
>> PR.
> Well, the mean exists. All _gfortran_* functions can already be called, they're part of libgfortran's public (and versioned) API. I'm just saying adding a simple backtrace function to that list is useful, and documenting it too.

Yes, I agree that this is useful, and in that sense the patch is ok
from my side ...

>> I would rather see a new intrinsic procedure add to
>> gfortran. ?The standard does not prevent a vendor
>> from offer additional intrinsic procedures not found
>> in the standard.
> I just think multiplicating vendor intrinsics makes our life harder. I'd like to hear other's opinions on this issue, but I'll implement the new intrinsic if that's the consensus.

... but I also think that having an intrinsic function for it would be
useful, so that one can just call it without the detour via
ISO_C_BINDING. Note that ifort also has a vendor intrinsic for this,
called TRACEBACKQQ, so we're in good company.


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