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Re: RFC reminder: an alternative -fsched-pressure implementation

Vladimir Makarov wrote:

> I have a mixed feeling with the patch. I've tried it on SPEC2000 on
> x86/x86-64 and ARM. Model algorithm generates bigger code up to 3.5%
> (SPECFP on x86), 2% (SPECFP on 86-64), and 0.23% (SPECFP on ARM) in
> comparison with the current algorithm. It is slower too. Although
> the difference is quite insignificant on Corei7, compiler speed
> slowdown achieves 0.4% on SPECFP2000 on arm. The algorithm also
> generates slower code on x86 (1.5% on SPECINT and 5% on SPECFP200)
> and practically the same average code on x86-64 and ARM (I've tried
> only SPECINT on ARM).

Was this using NEON on ARM?  The biggest benefits we saw involved
vector code ...

> On 04/17/2012 04:29 AM, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> > Anyway, given those results and your mixed feelings, I think it would
> > be best to drop the patch.  It's a lot of code to carry around, and its
> > ad-hoc nature would make it hard to change in future.  There must be
> > better ways of achieving the same thing.
> >
> It is up to you, Richard.  I don't mind if you commit it into the trunk.
> There is something in your approach too.  If it would be possible to get 
> the best of the two methods, we could see a big improvement.

On s390, the patch is pretty much a straight improvement across the line:
0.5% on SPECint, 1.7% on SPECfp overall, with the best single improvement
in GemsFDTD (9.3%), and no regression beyond usual noise levels.

Given that, and the impressive improvements we saw on some ARM benchmarks
involving vector code (up to 70%), it would really be a pity to see the
patch going nowhere ...

Is there anything we can do to help make the patch more acceptable?
Any suggestions welcome ...


  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  GNU Toolchain for Linux on System z and Cell BE

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