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Re: [obvious] Fix va_end calls


On Thu, 19 Apr 2012, Michael Matz wrote:

> I've audited all other calls of va_end in the compiler and these were the 
> only problematic ones.

Well, I did, but forgot the fact that I found one in cp/error.c, so the 
generated diff and the commit forgot that file too.  It was in the 
regstrapped tree, so I've committed this now too as r186626.

	* error.c (pedwarn_cxx98): Move va_end call after user
	of the va_list.

Index: error.c
--- error.c	(revision 186625)
+++ error.c	(working copy)
@@ -3352,13 +3352,15 @@ pedwarn_cxx98 (location_t location, int
   diagnostic_info diagnostic;
   va_list ap;
+  bool ret;
   va_start (ap, gmsgid);
   diagnostic_set_info (&diagnostic, gmsgid, &ap, location,
 		       (cxx_dialect == cxx98) ? DK_PEDWARN : DK_WARNING);
   diagnostic.option_index = opt;
+  ret = report_diagnostic (&diagnostic);
   va_end (ap);
-  return report_diagnostic (&diagnostic);
+  return ret;
 /* Issue a diagnostic that NAME cannot be found in SCOPE.  DECL is what

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