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Patch to fix compiler ICE due to bad PRE

Compiling the attached test case with -O2 using the trunk compiler,
the compiler will ICE. The proposed patch is also attached. The test
is under going, but I like to have discussion on the right fix first.




Here is what is happening:

BB6 : (Successor: BB8)
  MEM_19 = phi(MEM_24, MEM_25)
  t_9 = operator new (100)@MEM_19 (--> MEM_26)
  mem_ref(pp_6, -16).x@MEM_26 = t_9 (-->MEM_27)   --> (1)

  MEM_20 = PHI(MEM_27, MEM_24)
  d.2348_15 = mem_ref(pp_6, -16).x@MEM_20

In the loop header BB3 (which dominates BB6 and BB8),

    pp_31 = phi (pp_6, 0);
    pp_6 = pp_31 + 16

In PRE, ANTIC_IN(BB8) includes mem_ref(pp_31,0),x@MEM_20.  After phi
translate, ANTIC_OUT(BB6) gets mem_ref(pp_31,0).x@MEM_27.  However
this expression gets propagated into ANTIC_IN(BB6) even though the
memory expression is killed by (1). The root cause is that the alias
oracle reports that mem_ref(pp_6, -16) and mem_ref(pp_31, 0) are not
aliased as their points-to set do not intersect.

As as consequence of the bad aliasing, the operator new calls gets
transformed into an gimple assignment -- this gimple assignment
becomes the defining statement for MEM_26. In a  later UD chain walk,
the memory chain stops (and triggers the assert) at this new
assignment statement because there is no associated vuse for it.

Test case

The case is synthesized -- the real world examples involve lots of inlining etc.

int g, *gp[100];
struct V {
  int* x;
  int y;

void foo (V **p, V* end, int i)
  *p = 0;
  V* pp = *p;
  int s = 100;
  for (; pp < end; )
      (pp-1)->x = &g;
      if (g)
          if (g>10)
          int *t = (int*) operator new (100);
         (pp-1)->x = t;
     gp[end-pp] = (pp-1)->x + s;


Index: tree-ssa-structalias.c
--- tree-ssa-structalias.c      (revision 186600)
+++ tree-ssa-structalias.c      (working copy)
@@ -6137,6 +6137,9 @@ pt_solutions_intersect_1 (struct pt_solu
   if (pt1->anything || pt2->anything)
     return true;

+  if (pt1->null && pt2->null)
+    return true;
   /* If either points to unknown global memory and the other points to
      any global memory they alias.  */
   if ((pt1->nonlocal

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