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Re: [PATCH] Add -fdump-rtl-<pass>-quiet

On 18/04/12 22:09, Xinliang David Li wrote:
Flags in category 1)
There are four types of information that can be dumped (should be
controlled by flag set 1) ):
   1.a) transformation decisions -- such as
-fdump-tree-vectorize-transformations (to be added)
   1.b) Intermediate representations -->  related to what you propose
   1.c) debug traces (flag to be added)
   1.d) stats (memory usage, etc).

That's all very nice, but apart from name bikeshedding, it shouldn't interfere with my patch at all.

The same goes for most of the rest of your categories: the patches may conflict, but the purpose does not.

The default should be dumping all 4 types, but can be individually
controlled, e.g, dump transformation + IR:

Do you already have an implementation for this? If so, please post it and we'll let a maintainer choose which they like best.

Most of the existing flags are here. For instance, the following
second level flags are used to control IR dump: vops, slim, verbose
(may need to be renamed), raw, blocks, address, etc.  The flag
'details' is used to control the debug trace level.

To me, the existing "(default), verbose, details" option set makes sense, and adding "quiet" to that set seemed appropriate. I'm not sure I like the idea of renaming existing options, even if they aren't likely to break much.

These are new proposed flags: To control IR dump before the pass or
after the pass.

Why? Is there a case where the dump from after the previous pass is not the same as the dump before the next?

With the exception of the "transformations" stuff, as you call it, perturbing my diffs, I've not had any problems in this area.

Sharad will be working on cleaning up the dump infrastructure, so that
work will cover what you need.

I look forward to seeing it. Hopefully the documentation will get a good once over as well! :)

In the meantime, Mr Maintainers, can I commit my patch while we wait for the new world order? I'm happy to change the option name "quiet" to something else if necessary.



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