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[PATCH][IRA] Avoid undefined behavior in ira_allocno_object_iter_cond

This gave me headaches debugging a VRP "miscompile" of ira-build.c.
Number of iteration analysis concluded that the allocno object
iterators do not iterate because it sees accesses to ->objects[n]
for a loop i = 0; i < n; ++i.  This is because 
ira_allocno_object_iter_cond was written in a very fancy way,
optimizing the number of source lines (appearantly).

Fixed as follows.

A bootstrap & regtest is currently running (together with the
alleged VRP modification).  I will commit this if it succeeds.


2012-04-19  Richard Guenther  <>

	* ira-int.h (ira_allocno_object_iter_cond): Avoid out-of-bound
	array access.

Index: gcc/ira-int.h
--- gcc/ira-int.h	(revision 186584)
+++ gcc/ira-int.h	(working copy)
@@ -1138,8 +1138,13 @@ static inline bool
 ira_allocno_object_iter_cond (ira_allocno_object_iterator *i, ira_allocno_t a,
 			      ira_object_t *o)
-  *o = ALLOCNO_OBJECT (a, i->n);
-  return i->n++ < ALLOCNO_NUM_OBJECTS (a);
+  int n = i->n++;
+  if (n < ALLOCNO_NUM_OBJECTS (a))
+    {
+      *o = ALLOCNO_OBJECT (a, n);
+      return true;
+    }
+  return false;
 /* Loop over all objects associated with allocno A.  In each

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