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Re: [PATCH] Add -fdump-rtl-<pass>-quiet

On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 12:42 PM, Andrew Stubbs <> wrote:
> On 18/04/12 19:00, Xinliang David Li wrote:
>> Why only rtl? Minor suggestion: use ir or il may be more intuitive:
>> -fdump-rtl-all-ir
> It isn't only RTL. It also applies to the tree dumps. I did say so in my
> message, although all the examples were RTL.
> Also, "ir" and "il" are not more intuitive to me. You're going to have to
> explain what those mean. "Intermediate Representation?"

yes, it means intermediate representation.

The dump flags can be roughly categorized like this:

1) first level flags to control what to dump
2) second level flags to control how the dump is done
3) first level flags to control where to dump (to be added)
4) first level flags to control when to dump (to be added)

Flags in category 1)
There are four types of information that can be dumped (should be
controlled by flag set 1) ):
  1.a) transformation decisions -- such as
-fdump-tree-vectorize-transformations (to be added)
  1.b) Intermediate representations --> related to what you propose
  1.c) debug traces (flag to be added)
  1.d) stats (memory usage, etc).

The default should be dumping all 4 types, but can be individually
controlled, e.g, dump transformation + IR:

1.a) can be used to implement -fopt-info option (to dump optimization
info notes to stderr) -- there is a separate discussion thread on this

Category 2)

Most of the existing flags are here. For instance, the following
second level flags are used to control IR dump: vops, slim, verbose
(may need to be renamed), raw, blocks, address, etc.  The flag
'details' is used to control the debug trace level.

Category 3)

The new proposed flag is to allow the dump to be emitted to stderr:

Category 4)

These are new proposed flags: To control IR dump before the pass or
after the pass.

Sharad will be working on cleaning up the dump infrastructure, so that
work will cover what you need.



> Andrew

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