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[patch, committed] invoke.texi: clean up verb tenses

This installment of my series of patches to copy-edit the user documentation for GCC addresses problems with inappropriate or mixed verb tenses.

The manual was full of text like "GCC will frob the flapdoodle unless --no-frob was specified." There's really very little reason to use anything other than the present tense when describing the behavior of the current version of GCC: the compiler frobs the flapdoodle, the option is specified. The future and past tenses ought to be reserved for describing actions or behavior at some explicit future or past time, such as in a future release of GCC or in an old pre-ANSI C compiler, or perhaps to emphasize the difference between what GCC does at compile time and what the compiled program will do at run time.

This patch is very large, but it's also very repetitive/mechanical. Mostly I just searched for "will", "was", "were", "would", etc and made the necessary adjustments; here and there I rephrased sentences to avoid an awkward verb construction. Since it's intended to be content-free, I've committed it as obvious.

-Sandra the grammar geek

2012-04-16 Sandra Loosemore <>

	* doc/invoke.texi:  Copy-edit to put verbs in the present tense
	when describing the current behavior of GCC.

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