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Re: [Fortran] Patch ping

Thomas Koenig wrote:
- [patch, fortran] Trim spaces on list-directed reads

That one was committed:

Jerry indicated that this would also be OK for a backport; I'll
do that within a few days unless there are objections.

I prefer if you do not back port it. It is not a regression and it does not solve a serious deficit. It only seems to be for very special cases. In addition, the results shown by Dominique and Manfred support the caution: While there is no speedup, there is now the use of an uninitialized value.

A more general question: I habe been a bit inconsistent in notifying
the mailing list about committed patches; I didn't do this for these
patches. What would people, generally, prefer? Should we notify on commit,
or rather not?

I think that it is usually not necessary as one can quickly check the ChangeLog(s) and usually the time between submittal, approval and committal is relatively short. But I don't mind if someone mentions at the mailing list the committal. On the other hand, "committed as obvious" committals should be send to the mailing list - with the patch.

However, currently, the patch review is a bit shaky. Thus, I thought it makes sense to create a list of pending patches.

* * *

Updated list of pending patches:

First, I would like to ping my patch:
- [Patch, Fortran] PR52864 - fix actual/formal checks

Other patches with pending review:
- [Patch, Fortran, F03] PR52909: Procedure pointers not private to modules
  Caveat: ABI breakage
- [patch, fortran] PR fortran/52537 Optimize string comparisons against empty strings
- [Patch, libfortran] Combine get_mem and internal_malloc_size

Approved but not yet committed:

My patch:
- [Patch, Fortran] PR52864 - Fix pointer-intent regresssion
 <>   (Backporting pending)

- [PATCH] gfortran testsuite: implicitly cleanup-modules, part 2

- [Patch, fortran] PR 49010/24518 MOD/MODULO fixes
  Okayed but haven't found best wording.


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