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Re: Phone call (was Re: Armhf dynamic linker path)

On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 11:22:13AM +1200, Michael Hope wrote:
> All good.  My vote is for /lib/ as it:

The directory should be /libhf/ or /libhfp/ for that for consistency
with all the other architectures.  Note e.g. x86_64 dynamic linker
is /lib64/, not /lib/
For distros that choose to multilib softfp vs. hardfp all the hardfp
libraries would go into the usual */lib{qual} paths (for qual hf resp.
hfp), for others /libhf can be a symlink to /lib or for those doing
multiarch stuff can be a symlink to the multiarch location of the thing.

I'm fine with arm and hf (resp. hfp) being mentioned in the name of
the dynamic linker, but IMNSHO having there gnu and eabi strings
is an overkill - why mention gnu there, when all the other
architectures which also have GNU libc dynamic linkers don't?  That
part is implicit.  And, EABI is implied by so.3, softfp dynamic linker
for EABI is /lib/ while softfp dynamic linker for the old
ABI is /lib/


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