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Re: [Patch, Fortran, F03] PR52909: Procedure pointers not private to modules

Hi Janus:

> I would surely appreciate some input from others, also from users (in
> particular from Andrew as the bug reporter). In general: Is ABI
> compatibility of different gfortran versions important to gfortran
> users? (For me personally, as a user, not so much. I usually don't
> link my own code with pre-compiled Fortran libraries).

Right now, ABI compatibility of gfortran versions isn't very important to me, 
for the following reasons:

* The main code I'm compiling with gfortran links against three libraries 
which all generate .mod files (HDF5, FGSL and FoX). I have to recompile those 
when the module format changes anyway, so recompiling if the ABI changes isn't 
a big problem.

* I don't link to any libraries that I haven't compiled myself, so if the ABI 
changes I can just recompile them. (Although I should say that this isn't 
really by choice - I'm compiling them myself because they either weren't 
available on some of the HPC systems I'm using, or else the installed versions 
were too old.)

* Since I'm using the development version of gfortran I'm expecting there to 
be changes, and I'm happy to see them if they are a result of new 
functionality being added of bugs being fixed.

However, I think the above reasons are quite specific to me, and might not be 
true for the majority of gfortran users. Also, I certainly agree with Tobias 
that ABI (and .mod) compatibility are very important in general - if 
compatibility can be maintained without stifling progress on implementation of 
new features and bug fixing then I'm all for it. My knowledge of compiler 
development is far too limited to judge how difficult maintaining ABI/.mod 
compatibility is in any specific situation though!



* Andrew Benson:

* Galacticus:

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