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[PATCH 01/11] Fix cpp_sys_macro_p with -ftrack-macro-expansion


cpp_sys_macro_p crashes when -ftrack-macro-expansion is on.  The issue
can be reproduced by running the tests:

    runtest --tool gcc --tool_opts="-ftrack-macro-expansion" cpp.exp=sysmac1.c
    runtest --tool gcc --tool_opts="-ftrack-macro-expansion" cpp.exp=sysmac2.c

This is because it just doesn't support that mode.  Fixed thus.
Tested and bootstrapped on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu against trunk.

Note that the bootstrap with -ftrack-macro-expansion turned on
exhibits other separate issues that are addressed in subsequent
patches.  This patch just fixes one class of problems.

The patch does pass bootstrap with -ftrack-macro-expansion turned off,


	* macro.c (cpp_sys_macro_p):  Support -ftrack-macro-expansion.
 libcpp/macro.c |   10 +++++++++-
 1 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/libcpp/macro.c b/libcpp/macro.c
index 54de3e3..58a722c 100644
--- a/libcpp/macro.c
+++ b/libcpp/macro.c
@@ -2436,7 +2436,15 @@ cpp_get_token_with_location (cpp_reader *pfile, source_location *loc)
 cpp_sys_macro_p (cpp_reader *pfile)
-  cpp_hashnode *node = pfile->context->c.macro;
+  cpp_hashnode *node = NULL;
+  if (CPP_OPTION (pfile, track_macro_expansion))
+    {
+      if (pfile->context->
+	node = pfile->context->>macro_node;
+    }
+  else
+    node = pfile->context->c.macro;
   return node && node->value.macro && node->value.macro->syshdr;

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