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[C/ObjC/C++/ObjC++] cleanup diagnostics initialization

This patch cleans up the diagnostic initialization of the C-family
FEs. It keeps the default of no line-wrapping. It moves together all
initializations and deletes code that has no effect.

Bootstrapped and regression tested on x86-unknown-linux-gnu with


2012-04-09  Manuel López-Ibáñez  <>

	* doc/invoke.texi (fmessage-length): New.
	* pretty-print.h (getenv_columns): New.
	* c-objc-common.c (c_objc_common_init): Do not do diagnostics
	initialization here.
	* c-opts.c (c_common_initialize_diagnostics): Rename as
	c_common_diagnostics_defaults. Set defaults here.
	* c-common.h (c_common_initialize_diagnostics): Likewise.
	* cp-objcp-common.c (cxx_initialize_diagnostics): Move from
	here to ...
	* error.c: ... here.
	(init_error): Delete.
	* cp-tree.h (init_error): Delete.
	* lex.c (cxx_init): Do not call init_error.
	* cxx-pretty-print.c (pp_cxx_pretty_printer_init): Do not set
	default message length here.

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