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Re: [RFC, PATCH] ARM related deprecations

On 28/02/12 15:38, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Feb 2012, Richard Earnshaw wrote:
>> So how about we just deprecate all targets that are still using FPE format?
> This patch appears to add back the i[34567]86-*-interix3* deprecation - 

Oops, botched merge conflict.

> removed deliberately when the target got a maintainer - and 
> arm-wrs-vxworks is *not* using FPE format, vxworks.h defines 
> FPUTYPE_DEFAULT to "vfp".  

Easily fixed.

Darn, missed the Win-CE port...

Otherwise, I think this is OK (given a
> corresponding change to gcc-4.7/changes.html to note these deprecations).

I would expect, something like:

All ARM targets using the legacy FPA floating-point format have been
obsoleted.  These include the ARM ports for FreeBSD, Linux (old ABI),
ucLinux (old ABI), rtems (old ABI), Ecos, Win-CE and the old ELF
bare-metal configurations.

I'm a bit unhappy about the general wording there.  I don't particularly
want these ports reviving.  I'd rather see configurations that don't use
the FPA format floats being contributed.  Suggestions?


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