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Re: [RFC, PATCH] ARM related deprecations

On 16/12/11 18:53, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Dec 2011, Richard Earnshaw wrote:
>> I think we've reached the point where the following target
>> configurations should be End-of-Life'd.  As such, I'd like to mark them
>> as deprecated in gcc-4.7, prior to removal after the branch.
> I agree it's time to remove these old-ABI ports - and old-ABI uClinux 
> should be deprecated / removed as well.  I intend to remove the old-ABI 
> support in glibc at some point (it's bitrotten and just confuses people 
> without actually building).
>> I'd also like to remove at that time support for some now obsolete
>> co-processor units, namely the FPA and Maverick.
> Note that there's a default in arm.c
>       target_fpu_name = FPUTYPE_DEFAULT;
> #else
>       if (arm_arch_cirrus)
>         target_fpu_name = "maverick";
>       else
>         target_fpu_name = "fpe2";
> #endif
> meaning some targets default to FPA when no -mfpu= optionis passed, and 
> removing FPA means changing the ABI for these ports.  It looks like these 
> are: arm*-*-freebsd* arm*-*-uclinux* (old-ABI) arm*-*-ecos-elf 
> arm*-*-rtems* (old-ABI) arm*-*-elf arm*-wince-pe*.  My presumption is that 
> VFP format will be better for anyone currently using the FreeBSD and WinCE 
> ports (while as discussed the others are deprecation candidates), though 
> the FreeBSD port is probably rather bitrotten and much of the current 
> WinCE support for GCC isn't upstream.

So how about we just deprecate all targets that are still using FPE format?

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