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Miscellaneous mips, arm, and alpha patches


Following this email are five rather trivial patches that I've had
sitting around while waiting for my grad school and the Free Software
Foundation to decide it's okay for me to contribute. I don't have
copyright assignment for gcc yet, but I thought I would pipeline this
process and try to get the patches at least reviewed before the
paperwork is completed. If they're trivial enough to be committed
without copyright assignment, I'd love for them to be committed for
gcc 4.8.

The patches are

[PATCH 1/2] mips: Add R4600 scheduling support for imul and idiv
[PATCH 2/2] mips: Add R4700 scheduling support
[PATCH] arm: Fix iwmmxt shift and logical intrinsics (PR 35294)
[PATCH] arm: add _mm_empty to mmintrin.h for source compatibility
[PATCH] alpha: add bypasses for fmul/fadd/fcmov -> fst/ftoi

I have not contributed to gcc before, so please tell me if I've missed
a step or didn't format the ChangeLog entries properly, and so forth.
Please CC me on replies.

Matt Turner

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