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Re: [PATCH, PR 51782] Derive rtx address space from base object

Martin Jambor wrote:
> Hi,
> PR 51782 showed that COMPONENT_REFs created by SRA got expanded with a
> wrong address space because the address space was not specified in the
> type of the whole tree.  This is however inconsistent with how we
> encode address spaces in MEM_REFs where they are supposed to be stored
> in the type of its address operand (as opposed to the type of the
> reference).  Therefore the following patch changes the expansion to
> always look at the base address and look through MEM_REFs if
> necessary.
> It fixes the issue for me on a cross compiler, a bootstrap and
> testsuite run on x86_64-linux showed only regressions described in PR
> 52297 so I consider it successful.  My understanding is that Richi
> approved it in bugzilla.  Georg-Johann Lay said he would test it on HW
> or simulator that actually uses address spaces and he has also already
> committed a testcase for this bug.  Therefore I intend to commit the
> patch if his tests pass too.
> Thanks,
> Martin

The avr test suite has passed now, okay from that side.


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