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[PATCH] testsuite: Turn -fgnu-tm test into link test


using the -fgnu-tm option fails for targets not supporting libitm with
a *link* failure.  So the compile test wasn't sufficient.

With the attached patch the following failures disappear on s390 and

FAIL: gcc.dg/lto/trans-mem-1 c_lto_trans-mem-1_0.o-c_lto_trans-mem-1_1.o link, -flto -fgnu-tm
UNRESOLVED: gcc.dg/lto/trans-mem-1 c_lto_trans-mem-1_0.o-c_lto_trans-mem-1_1.o execute -flto -fgnu-tm
FAIL: gcc.dg/lto/trans-mem-2 c_lto_trans-mem-2_0.o-c_lto_trans-mem-2_1.o link, -flto -fgnu-tm
UNRESOLVED: gcc.dg/lto/trans-mem-2 c_lto_trans-mem-2_0.o-c_lto_trans-mem-2_1.o execute -flto -fgnu-tm
FAIL: gcc.dg/lto/trans-mem-4 c_lto_trans-mem-4_0.o-c_lto_trans-mem-4_1.o link, -flto -fgnu-tm
UNRESOLVED: gcc.dg/lto/trans-mem-4 c_lto_trans-mem-4_0.o-c_lto_trans-mem-4_1.o execute -flto -fgnu-tm
XPASS: gcc.dg/tree-ssa/20040204-1.c scan-tree-dump-times optimized "link_error" 0

Ok for mainline?



2012-02-21  Andreas Krebbel  <>

	* lib/target-supports.exp (check_effective_target_fgnu_tm): Make
	it an "executable" test in order to check whether linking against
	libitm works.

 gcc/testsuite/lib/target-supports.exp |    4 !!!!
 1 file changed, 4 modifications(!)

Index: gcc/testsuite/lib/target-supports.exp
*** gcc/testsuite/lib/target-supports.exp.orig
--- gcc/testsuite/lib/target-supports.exp
*************** proc check_effective_target_fopenmp {} {
*** 720,727 ****
  # code, 0 otherwise.
  proc check_effective_target_fgnu_tm {} {
!     return [check_no_compiler_messages fgnu_tm object {
! 	void foo (void) { }
      } "-fgnu-tm"]
--- 720,727 ----
  # code, 0 otherwise.
  proc check_effective_target_fgnu_tm {} {
!     return [check_no_compiler_messages fgnu_tm executable {
! 	int main (void) { return 0; }
      } "-fgnu-tm"]

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