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[Committed] S/390: Make -mhard-dfp the default whenever possible


with the attached patch -mhard-dfp is used whenever possible. So far
it was disabled by default for -m31 although hardware dfp is available
when also -mzarch is given.

Committed to mainline.



2012-02-21  Andreas Krebbel  <>

	* config/s390/s390.c (s390_option_override): Make -mhard-dfp the
	default if possible and not specified otherwise.

 gcc/config/s390/s390.c |    5 +++++
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+)

Index: gcc/config/s390/s390.c
*** gcc/config/s390/s390.c.orig
--- gcc/config/s390/s390.c
*************** s390_option_override (void)
*** 1540,1545 ****
--- 1540,1550 ----
      error ("64-bit ABI not supported in ESA/390 mode");
+   /* Use hardware DFP if available and not explicitly disabled by
+      user. E.g. with -m31 -march=z10 -mzarch   */
+   if (!(target_flags_explicit & MASK_HARD_DFP) && TARGET_DFP)
+     target_flags |= MASK_HARD_DFP;
        if (target_flags_explicit & MASK_HARD_DFP)

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