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Re: [PATCH] PR target/52137 - bdver2 scheduler needs to be added to bdver1 insn reservations

On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 1:51 PM, Richard Guenther
<> wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 6:38 PM, Quentin Neill
> <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The patch (
>> attached to the bug
>> ( recovers
>> performance regressions for AMD's bdver2 processor.
>> It passes bootstrap and make check on x86_64.
>> The patch is simple and seems to have little risk, therefore AMD would
>> like to see if this patch can be included in 4.7.0.
>> Okay to commit to trunk?
> Please follow development process and post patches together with a description
> and changelog entry to gcc-patches. ?Attaching patches to bugs does't do it.
> Richard.

Of course, sorry about that.  ChangeLog below and patch attached.

2012-02-20  Quentin Neill  <>

    PR target/52137
    * gcc/config/i386/ (bdver1_call, bdver1_push,
    bdver1_pop, bdver1_leave, bdver1_lea, bdver1_imul_DI, bdver1_imul,
    bdver1_imul_mem_DI, bdver1_imul_mem, bdver1_idiv, bdver1_idiv_mem,
    bdver1_str, bdver1_idirect, bdver1_ivector, bdver1_idirect_loadmov,
    bdver1_idirect_load, bdver1_ivector_load, bdver1_idirect_movstore,
    bdver1_idirect_both, bdver1_ivector_both, bdver1_idirect_store,
    bdver1_ivector_store, bdver1_fldxf, bdver1_fld, bdver1_fstxf,
    bdver1_fst, bdver1_fist, bdver1_fmov_bdver1, bdver1_fadd_load,
    bdver1_fadd, bdver1_fmul_load, bdver1_fmul, bdver1_fsgn,
    bdver1_fdiv_load, bdver1_fdiv, bdver1_fpspc_load, bdver1_fpspc,
    bdver1_fcmov_load, bdver1_fcmov, bdver1_fcomi_load,
    bdver1_fcomi, bdver1_fcom_load, bdver1_fcom,
    bdver1_fxch, bdver1_ssevector_avx128_unaligned_load,
    bdver1_ssevector_avx128_load, bdver1_ssevector_avx256_load,
    bdver1_ssevector_sse128_load, bdver1_ssescalar_movq_load,
    bdver1_ssescalar_vmovss_load, bdver1_ssescalar_sse128_load,
    bdver1_mmxsse_load, bdver1_sse_store_avx256, bdver1_sse_store,
    bdver1_mmxsse_store_short, bdver1_ssevector_avx256,
    bdver1_movss_movsd, bdver1_mmxssemov, bdver1_sselog_load_256,
    bdver1_sselog_256, bdver1_sselog_load, bdver1_sselog,
    bdver1_ssecmp_load, bdver1_ssecmp, bdver1_ssecomi_load,
    bdver1_ssecomi, bdver1_vcvtX2Y_avx256_load, bdver1_vcvtX2Y_avx256,
    bdver1_ssecvt_cvtss2sd_load, bdver1_ssecvt_cvtss2sd,
    bdver1_sseicvt_cvtsi2sd_load, bdver1_sseicvt_cvtsi2sd,
    bdver1_ssecvt_cvtpd2ps_load, bdver1_ssecvt_cvtpd2ps,
    bdver1_ssecvt_cvtdq2ps_load, bdver1_ssecvt_cvtdq2ps,
    bdver1_ssecvt_cvtdq2pd_load, bdver1_ssecvt_cvtdq2pd,
    bdver1_ssecvt_cvtps2pd_load, bdver1_ssecvt_cvtps2pd,
    bdver1_ssecvt_cvtsX2si_load, bdver1_ssecvt_cvtsX2si,
    bdver1_ssecvt_cvtpd2pi_load, bdver1_ssecvt_cvtpd2pi,
    bdver1_ssecvt_cvtpd2dq_load, bdver1_ssecvt_cvtpd2dq,
    bdver1_ssecvt_cvtps2pi_load, bdver1_ssecvt_cvtps2pi,
    bdver1_ssemuladd_load_256, bdver1_ssemuladd_256,
    bdver1_ssemuladd_load, bdver1_ssemuladd, bdver1_sseimul_load,
    bdver1_sseimul, bdver1_sseiadd_load, bdver1_sseiadd,
    bdver1_ssediv_double_load_256, bdver1_ssediv_double_256,
    bdver1_ssediv_single_load_256, bdver1_ssediv_single_256,
    bdver1_ssediv_double_load, bdver1_ssediv_double,
    bdver1_ssediv_single_load, bdver1_ssediv_single, bdver1_sseins):
    Add "bdver2" attribute.

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