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Re: [PATCH] Fix up --enable-initfini-array autodetection in configure (PR bootstrap/50237)

Richard Guenther <> writes:

> I'm not sure about the varasm.c change - it's definitely not a no-op
> (callback will be not set, and the flags will be different).  Certainly

As I've demonstrated in my response to H.J., the effect with gas is none.

> the current code is inconsistent wrt the priority != DEFAULT_INIT_PRIORITY
> case, not sure why, but you don't make it consistent either because
> you don't change that case to SECTION_NOTYPE either.  I'd be fine

I didn't find a need for that, but agree that the inconsistency is
disturbing.  default_section_type_flags suggests that SECTION_NOTYPE
should be set for .init_array and friends, but it's only used by

> with it with both calls using SECTION_NOTYPE, but would like to
> know what the callback difference is about.

I don't think the callback is needed, which is effectively a

	printf ("\t.section\t.init_array");

Looking at it, this is e.g. wrong for Sun as on SPARC, which requires
the section name to be in double quotes.


Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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