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Re: PR middle-end/52141: ICE due to asm statement

On 02/15/12 12:07, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 11:59:15AM -0600, Aldy Hernandez wrote:
Hmmm, isn't %K for trees?  We're talking gimple, and FUNCTION_DECLs,
which don't have a TREE_BLOCK, here.

Gimple stmts have gimple_block, I guess you'd need to create some tree and set its TREE_BLOCK and EXPR_LOCATION from gimple_block/gimple_location. Or add something similar to %K that would take the same info from gimple stmt and pass a stmt instead of a tree.


This may not actually work. I am getting a different backtrace depending on whether I use -O0 or -O[123]. With the attached patch I get a proper backtrace with -O0, but none whatsoever with -O1:

houston:/build/t2/gcc$ ./cc1 a.c -fgnu-tm -O0 -quiet -w
In function 'asmfunc',
    inlined from 'f' at a.c:13:10:
a.c:7:3: error: asm not allowed in 'transaction_safe' function

houston:/build/t2/gcc$ ./cc1 a.c -fgnu-tm -O1 -quiet -w
a.c: In function 'f':
a.c:7:3: error: asm not allowed in 'transaction_safe' function

With -O1, the TREE_BLOCK looks like this:

(gdb) ptg block

and the BLOCK_SUPERCONTEXT looks like this:

(gdb) ptg block

Notice there is no BLOCK_ABSTRACT_ORIGIN in this last one, so we don't print any context.

I would rather have a consistent error message (though possibly confusing), than have an error message that sometimes makes sense.

To make matters worse, I have just noticed that at -O2 and -O3 we inlined all the functions into main, so the GIMPLE_ASM ends up in the transaction itself (see test), not in f(), so the compiler is able to determine we have a GIMPLE_ASM inside a transaction and issues a different error:

houston:/build/t2/gcc$ ./cc1 a.c -fgnu-tm -O2 -quiet -w
a.c:7:3: error: asm not allowed in atomic transaction

Here also we could've used the %K format modifier, if indeed we had full backtrace information. But, like -O1, we don't.

I think I'm back to learning towards rth's suggestion of disabling early inlining.


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